[Jade Dynasty] JD-NOAH | play2win | unique customs | English+Chinese supported

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    idea [Jade Dynasty] JD-NOAH | play2win | unique customs | English+Chinese supported

    [Jade Dynasty] JD-NOAH | play2win | unique customs | English+Chinese supported

    JD-Noah is a mid-rate style Jade Dynasty private server.

    Homepage: www.JDNOAH.com
    Forum: bbs.JDNOAH.com
    Facebook: JD-Noah FB page

    Server Spec:
    Set in North America, 7x24 dedicated server

    EXP Rate: 5x
    Gold Rate: 5x
    Drop Rate: 5x

    JD-Noah is my first attempt on Jade Dynasty, I'm exciting about this because there could be lots of new things to learn and try. JD-Noah is an official rate server, offering free Jaden with 9 ways, focus on improved pvp features and custom pvp/pve events. Without affecting the game balance, tons of custom creations and features will be added for fun. And our special PAG system is ready for democratic management to GameSage team.The goal is to build a real play to win server and bring the most unique experience to the Jade Dynasty players.

    Event Annoucements:
    2019/2/2 2019 Chinese New Year Event

    Server will launch at 5th Feb 2019, the initial beta version contains some tweaks on official features, and some new custom features:

    Tweaks on official features: (Beta v1 20190201)
    1. EXP rate and Gold rate will be 5x when in beta phase, the players could get more Tome points and Skill points when level up to 75/105/135/150, but level up difficulty also increased for these specific levels.

    2. High drop rate, mobs and bosses will drop more stuff, reduced the respawn time for the wild map bosses. And the mobs and bosses will drop a new custom item: FAKE JADEN SILVER, the player could use it to exchange for real Jaden Gold at NPC:HAON in Sunstream City.

    3. Simplified the Affinity quests, Ascension quests(for each tier), Vitalization and Tribulation quests, Star Souls quests. Currently these quests will be auto completed after you receive them.(“auto complete” will become to optional in the future update)

    4. Adjusted all the Boss Transform Gems for balancing the PVP, skills are not allowed to use anymore when in transformation.

    5. Always sync with official JD CN server, new fashions, new mounts, new flights, new pets, new maps, new monsters will be added.

    6. A new welcome quest providing lots of useful stuff for newcomer.
    New custom features: (Beta v1 20190201)
    1. Currently there are 9 ways to earn the Jaden for free. There is a clear guide on the website.

    2. Dynamic PVP Event generator system is under development, will be available soon. It's used for auto generating and hosting several pvp events everyday.

    3. Add a custom PVP score: WARMONGER POINT, it’s used for improving the fairness of the PVP ranking. The player will get Jaden reward by earning the Warmonger Point through PVP, also could challenge the Daily/Weekly Warmonger Point Event for more reward.

    4. Add a simple rating mechanism called LIKE & DISLIKE, it’s for improving social interaction experience.

    5. Develop PAG system for JD, it means “Player As GameSage” or “Players Attending Governance”, the players can use this system to spontaneously organize a GameSage team, for maintain order and bring more fun events in the JD world.

    6. Snow scene in SunStream City. Old classic SunStream City is available, will add some new custom events for it later. Reshade Plugin is added for improving the JD’s graphic quality.
    Click here to check the latest changelogs and develop progress.

    Screenshots(reshade enabled):

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    Re: [Jade Dynasty] JD-NOAH | play2win | unique customs | English+Chinese supported

    Jade Dynasty is a fun development project! - Wish you luck on your server! ^_^.
    No wind favors he who has no destined port.

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    Re: [Jade Dynasty] JD-NOAH | play2win | unique customs | English+Chinese supported

    Is the server even online?
    Can't connect...:;(

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    shout Re: [Jade Dynasty] JD-NOAH | play2win | unique customs | English+Chinese supported

    I also cannot connect even though everything is patched up and the homepage is saying server is online. I can start launcher and boot into the game where you login with credentials obtained through the account portal they use (since it shares credentials between all their games if "game activate" is used on the game you wish to play).

    Anyways, the server selection shows localhost and also the Noah main server. I tried both but one never logs in and the other instant disconnects my connection which means it must be rejecting login connections even though the server's homepage is saying it is online and one can login to it. I think this needs to be fixed or else the server removed since players are unable to connect.

    ps. I tried to bug report this on their forum but it wont let me due to a long timer due to a new account thus I am posting here because my time is precious and I don't feel I should have to wait out the timer just to post a bug report/support ticket on the server's own forums (which btw is basically with zero posts).

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    Re: [Jade Dynasty] JD-NOAH | play2win | unique customs | English+Chinese supported

    Henlo. Please don't forget to include a screenshot showing an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!" as required by the section rules. You have 48 hours to add the missing requirements. Failure to do so will result in the archival of your thread. Thank you. :^)