L2 SN Grand Opening Event

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    ! L2 SN Grand Opening Event

    L2 SN Grand Opening Event

    Website: https://l2.selfnet.org/

    Forum: https://l2.selfnet.org/forum/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2selfnet/

    Discord: https://discord.gg/bD9gCsv

    Join us on Discord if you have any questions or just to be a part of the community.

    Join us on L2SelfNet Grand Crusade on our quest to the greatest server ever!

    A week long of continuous events starting the 6th of April 2019!

    Event : BATTLE THE BEASTS!!!

    A week long event with a lot of killing and a lot of fun !!!

    You and the players that would want to join the event will be locked in a CAGE where you will encounter a lot of monsters and one different raid boss per day.


    You may PK each other without getting flagged or get any kind of karma; just be a part in this EVENT where anything is possible!!!

    See you there!

    Some of the event settings:

    - custom NPC (P/M Atk, P/M Def)
    - custom Raid Bosses (P/M Atk, P/M Def)
    - custom NPC drops (Vote Coins, mats, parts, etc)
    - custom Raid Bosses drops (armor crafting packs, jewels, bracelets, etc)
    - The only rule: be the one that kills the most; kill the other players so you get the most spoils from this event

    Want to get involved on the server? Want to help?
    We though of a way to thank you for promoting our server and bring new players in:

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    Re: L2 SN Grand Opening Event

    Henlo. Please don't forget to include the server's physical location and a screenshot showing an Admin character saying "Hello RageZone!" as required by the section rules. You have 48 hours to add the missing requirements. Failure to do so will result in the archival of your thread. Thank you. :^)