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    ★ PlayVox.uk ★ PlusEmu ★ RevCMS ★ Hiring ★ Join Today! ★

    Hello we are Vox Hotel
    We are a brand new Habbo Retro which has been created by Central and myself.
    The staff here at Vox Hotel are thriving to become one of the best hotels around from having a dedicated staff team and having an updated UI and a very neat and easy CMS to use.
    Take time to check out Vox and give it a play because I am positive you'd want to stay on it!Thanks for reading and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!

    Have fun Voxers!

    Check out these screenshots of Vox!
    Vox's unique Index and RegisterMeMy PageClient
    We are hiring!
    Staff apps are now open, so please register and apply. Stay active and invite your friends to increase your chances!
    Cya on Vox!
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    Re: ★ PlayVox.uk ★ PlusEmu ★ RevCMS ★ Hiring ★ Join Today! ★

    Your website appears to be down