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    Hello Ragezone!
    First of all sorry for my bad english :)
    In this Thread i want to advertise our upcoming WarZ Emulator.

    Our Homepage :

    REBORN : Will you survive | media

    Reborn: Will you survive?

    Reborn, will be a WarZ Emulator focused on the survival part. There are to much PVP Emulator out there for my opinion thats why we started our own project. We also will have our own map "Lost Island" what is replacing Colorado. (video, and pictures down below)

    What we are focusing on:

    - darker nights (make flashlights and nightvisions important)
    - scary places, flickering lights in the night.
    - scary sounds on some places
    - faster and stronger zombies, and in some parts of the woods aswell
    - make food and drink important again.
    - after some time own custom animations/models for zombies and player
    - weapons are more rar.

    - no crosshair, shoot through iron sight (slow down the pvp) ;)

    WarZ have alot of potencial but the most people are not using it and making another PvP, Skin, Pay2Win Shit out of it.

    What we not want/And what we trying to do:

    - We not want Pay2Win, thats why we not selling any Item for real money.
    - We try to do our best to find the right Anti-Cheat for a balanced and fair gameplay
    - We will work strong together with the Community, to provide the best experience for the survival lovers.

    Our Map - Lost Islands

    Lost Islands is a little bit smaller then Colorado V2, but i guess more beautiful. On Editing i really care about the nature, the ambient when you walk through streets or through the woods. to make it more fun just walking and enjoy the different spots on the map.

    Lost Islands isnt finished yet, but here you have a little overview:
    More pictures and videos can be watched here:

    Like i said, Reborn isnt public at the moment, but you can register on your forum, stay tuned. our alpha test is beginning very soon. If you have suggestions, ideas or improvements you can post it on our forums aswell. What do you want to see, or what you would like.

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