[v83] ChemicalMS (Low rate worlds)

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    [v83] ChemicalMS (Low rate worlds)

    [v83] ChemicalMS (Low rate worlds)
    Hello all!

    A little story:

    I've started developing a v83 server again for personal reason actually, I have returned to maple after a roughly 5 year break and I have to say that I absolutely hate what has become of Maplestory! It's just too much to wrap my head around it, therefor I planned to just make a local server to play for myself and my girlfriend (She thinks the same about maplestory these days) however, she did suggest me to make it public for other people to enjoy too at some point OR just to play with out friends.

    I will go try to fix what's not working along the way of playing and noticing bugs and glitches, it will be a slow process but I can only spare few hours a day for this, so bare with me. I'm not entirely sure what current issues are with the source I decided to use however, as I said I will figure it out as I go.

    Server Info:

    [*]Scania - 20x, 15x, 3x
    [*]Arans and Cygnus are fully working
    [*] Fully working PQ's
    [*] GMS-Like npcs and quests
    [*] Rewarding VP system
    [*] NX Cash dropped by mobs

    These are the key features for now, as far as I've played so far, I haven't noticed any major or game ruining issues.

    I'm making this too long, if you're interested , feel free to join at the link below!

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