WealthWoW 4.3.4 x15

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    WealthWoW 4.3.4 x15

    WealthWoW 4.3.4 x15

    • Random Battlegrounds are available.
    • Rated Battlegrounds are available.
    • Warsong Gulch is available.
    • Arathi Basin is available.
    • Eye of the Storm is available.
    • Alterac Valley is available.
    • Strand of the Ancients is available.
    • Isle of Conquest is available.
    • Twin Peaks is available.
    • Tol Barad is available.
    • The Battle for Gilneas is available.
    • Wintergrasp is available.

    • Blade's Edge Arena is available.
    • Nagrand Arena is available.
    • Ruins of Lordaeron is available.
    • The Ring of Valor is available.
    • The Dalaran Arena is available.


    • Death Knights are working XX% as intended.
    • Druids are working XX% as intended.
    • Hunters are working XX% as intended.
    • Mages are working XX% as intended.
    • Paladins are working XX% as intended.
    • Priests are working XX% as intended.
    • Rogues are working XX% as intended.
    • Shamans are working XX% as intended.
    • Warlocks are working XX% as intended.
    • Warriors are working XX% as intended.

    • Most spells and talent working
    • Dungeon Finder is available.
    • Auction House (AH) is available.
    • Barber Shop is available.
    • The auction house is working.
    • Most Vehicles are working.
    • Most quests are working.
    • Most world events are working.
    • Most rare boss spawns are available.
    • Most creatures are scripted.
    • Most items are working.
    • Transmogrification is available as intended.
    • Reforge is available as intended.
    • Void Storage is available as intended.
    • Blizzlike Line of Sight implementation.
    • Blizzlike pathing implementation.
    • Most Achievements are available.
    • Ore spawns are pooled according to Blizzlike standards.

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    Re: WealthWoW 4.3.4 x15

    Hello. As per our section rules I must ask the OP to add the following to their advert:

    A direct website link
    The location/country of your server's host
    At least one in-game screenshot of an admin character saying 'Hello RaGEZONE'

    You have 48 hours to add these. Failure to do so will result in your thread being archived. Thanks.


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