Beware of scammers!

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    Beware of scammers!

    Hey everyone, I just want to give a general warning out to all the members of the BDO section. There currently is someone going around claiming to not only be me (they aren't) but other Developer rank members of the forums. Moderators and Developer ranked members WILL NEVER attempt to contact you to sell you any sort of files EVER. If you get contacted by someone claiming to be one of us and they are trying to sell you any sort of files you are being scammed. Below is some information in order to aid you in preventing a scam, and a guideline for you to help you help us get rid of these scammers. Only together can we work to try and make RageZone a scammer free forum!

    Warning: Scamming via private messages.

    I would highly recommend to the people being scammed:

    • Report the PM traffic with the scammer (yes you can report PMs)
      This is one of the best methods of reporting a scammer to us. We instantly see the PM and the user connected with it.
    • Get in touch with the moderator of the section in question
      You see who that is if you scroll down all the way to the online user list under "Moderators of this Forum":

      These people don't bite! PM them with your matter.

    • Provide as much proof (screenshots) as you can
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