[BDO-community] modulable project

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    note [BDO-community] modulable project

    [BDO-community]  modulable project
    Hi guys , i released from my private gitlab server this small group of projects what allow to handle complete creation of Server / Database / client for BDO.

    All files contained at this project are not fully developed by me, but i want to create a Github community for this.

    Will upload all files this week, this post can be moved/deleted if admins wont to see here

    BDO-community ( Black Desert Online Community )

    Branch name BDOC-utils BDOC-core BDOC-db BDOC-client BDOC-server

    How to install ?

    TODO: make sense

    How to exec tests ?

    TODO: make sense

    How to download from Github ? ( development, documentation, testing, design )

    We are using Git-submodule functionality to handle all projects as independent packages


    We welcome contributions to BDO-community! These are the many ways you can help:

    • Submit patches and features
    • Make BDOC-core ( new updates to improve main library )
    • Make BDOC-db ( new updates for database configuration or queries )
    • Make BDOC-client ( new updates for community client )
    • Make BDOC-server ( new updates for community server )
    • Improve the BDOC-utils bdoc-utils
    • Improve the BDOC-core bdoc-core
    • Improve the BDOC-db bdoc-db
    • Improve the BDOC-client bdoc-client
    • Improve the BDOC-server bdoc-server
    • Report bugs
    • And Donate bdoc-donate !

    Please read our documentation to get started. Also note that this project is released with a code of conduct , please make sure to review and follow it.

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    Re: [BDO-community] modulable project

    So... this post is from May? Any news on this?

    I'd also like to know what the bdoc-client is supposed to be.

    And good luck if you are still working on it :).