Black desert! learning

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    happy Black desert! learning

    Black desert! learning
    We have recently begun to contact black desert! Want to repair the game! We are looking for the game's repair team! Learn from each other help! Welcome to leave a message! We are from China

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    Re: Black desert! learning

    I hope you can make progress.
    After all, in my impression, there are not many Chinese people who make private profits for this purpose.
    We like to share and share everything we know about complex and simple information.
    If you can share the spirit of free sharing here, then I believe you will gain something.

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    Re: Black desert! learning

    Hello China from Russia! I am glad to work with you!

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    Re: Black desert! learning

    Hello, I am very interested in your project, can you talk about it

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    Re: Black desert! learning

    It looks promising, tell us more. Please