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    Hello !

    Like many others here I guess, I've been very pleased to see this emu being released. I'm waiting since 3 years to be able to open a french p-server for a small roleplay community. Some friends are devs who could help on maintenance, but none of them want to work on developping the emu. Looks kinda difficult.

    Since there is no real updates/improvements, my guess is that the work is done on closed source forks. I can really understand it, since I don't know if I would work on something released publicly without the possibility to charge it or to control who use it. But I come from MMORPG communities with active (or former active) dev teams who worked on open source emu (Lineage 2, Aion, WoW...). It looks like BDO won't have its public source emu, or not in a near future.

    I hope this post won't be seen as spam/off topic. I just wanted to say that I hope that some brilliant devs will be able to give some of their time to build a working, open source BDO emu. Myself I could be ready to buy such a work (depending on the price, of course).

    I'll stick to this forum and keep reading it, hoping to see such a project ! :)

    Have a nice day everybody.

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    Re: Open development

    je suis à la recherche d'une équipe pour crée un serveur privée bdo ^^
    J'ai 3 dédier a disposition si besoin ...
    Merci de me contacter via discord : Yurdead#4215
    Merci !

    I am looking for a team to create a private server bdo ^^
    I have 3 dedicate available if needed ...
    Thank you for contacting me via discord: Yurdead#4215