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  1. bro my skype id is call me.. pls.Appreciate it
  2. Hello brother!My server has a lot of mistakes you can help me?
  3. you can help me make flyff v19 ? im noob pc :(
  4. Sorry about that. I just moved to Ireland and didn't had much access to internet.
  5. You too!
  6. Congrats on visor!
  7. Thank you :) Mental made out that my account had been hacked/I was doing the DDOSing! it was quite an experience.
  8. Thanks again man!
  9. Sup dawg?
  10. Like how the Best Allods is an approved post but zero screen shots of in game content!
  11. If the client can not be used should remove it from there as they are having too many problems and I am not the only one who has complained about it. Here we come to find information and interact peacefully, but is really outrageous to have to tolerate this kind of thing for people who can not be located.
    Thank you for answer.
  12. can you approve my sell thread on marketplace mate? thanks
  13. You're too good.

    Haha great minds think a like.
  14. Yeah sorry I have a habit for doing that and some mods will go through the threads and some will not even if I do put a little note. Also, sometimes it on different pages and stuff so I report as I go through the thread I report one and then another thing comes up and I like report that because I didn't know there was another thing to report so I didn't put the little note.

    For future reference I will put a little note on any reports which have multiple cases of rule breaking in your sections. Sorry
  15. "you just did 2 things on that" will never be considered feedback, and you know that I'm sure. But w/e waste of time discussing this I can tell. and If you keep telling me to give the good advises through PM start deleting every single post LOL

    Stop this nonsense deletes
  16. plus if someone wants to end with the discussion delete the damn post who started the flame (the post made by that guy with the BM) There is 1 guy available to do requests and people just come and type shit about what he does, but let's keep the BM and delete the good advise and call it off topic.
  17. off topic? rofl

    the guy makes a request
    a random guy BM the requested tag just for the lol
    I post about ignoring the BM and keep the good work cuz he is doing his art and enjoying it.

    and shit gets deleted, fuckin non sense ggwp
  18. someone keeps deleting my post on this thread:
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