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  1. Of course, I always make sticker worthy threads :P
  2. No probz! The guide it's self in a great setup, but people keep requesting the files. I do plan to make a new guide soon with the required updated files so as of now I don't think it's too any use. There will be new files released soon for the game and people will want them. So I'll make a new complete guide for it then.
  3. Yo yo!
    I have a request for you. In the Jade Dynasty section there are 3 stickies which are now rendered useless. And I was going to ask if you could unsticky them, mainly because people keeps messaging me in PM's about it! XD
    Section: Jade Dynasty Tutorials - Jade Dynasty - RaGEZONE forums
    The thread that I made is a old thread for the first version of JD and is no longer needed(It also has dead links)
    The other 2 was created by "<Sin>" And he has taken all of his work down and replaced the wordings with insults too the section.
    I thought I'd tell you about this as I'm still being messaged about the dead link threads xD!
    Thanks a bunch Detox!

  4. XPS Project
  5. Help Please

  6. Yeah I've grown lazy, I'm not really motivated. t be honest. Lol. Yeah, I've tried to work on them again, but I didn't complete it lol.
  7. Well, I still work with them off and on.. I'm not into it much anymore, I just like to play wizard101 once in a while, and that's it.
  8. I've noticed you like to collect PWE game sections. Is the company your faved?
    Or do you have experience in it? Or do you get the sections because of the activeness of it? :o
    Just curious, It's something I've noticed.
  9. I just don't see anything I could really post too.
    Even in spamzilla I'm talked over so I'm like alright, let's not reply here lol!
    But I''ll be browsing sections, and hopefully in a few weeks I'll get another section. Since I just re-got mod I can't exactly request another section yet.
  10. Haha! True, very true. Well I'll look around and see what I can provide in the next few days, And I'll surf the section.
    I'm not a big poster as you can see lol! Not even 800 posts yet and I've been here since "2010" lol.
    But I'll be checking in.
  11. There are a few releases on the Chinese site I seen, The English speaking people is trying to sell it. Since it's not being released on the forums or anywhere else. Such cheap tricks too.
    It's truly upsetting really. I hope it turns around soon. I may start contributing even if the people don't want my assistance lol.
  12. Well it's all about the money for them. I can get several things put in that section, but last time I tried telling everyone I was back they attacked me. So SheenBR closed the thread for me.
    If they don't want the help I wont give it lol.
  13. It got pretty quite. I've noticed that. It use to be very active. But now it's not for some reason, I was a big contributor there. But it seems to be fine now.
  14. Thanks! :P
    Yes I seen, How is it so far? hehe.
    I don't mind for the section that much anymore though, But make sure you take care of it now? :P I put allot of work into it hehe.
  15. I resigned.
  16. Better late than never so... hellooo right back atcha!

    These five chicks really have talent... har har har.
  17. I`m not a huge fan of skype, althought you can add me : koksy002
  18. Hey Detox nice to see you again, everything is fine here, what about you? everything is fine. I see you`re mod in warrock and jade dynasty section, what about flyff scene, still developing or not. Not sure if you msn account is still alive if not you can add me :))

    Koks :)

  19. you should change this to your avatar instead of your profile pic, it looks awesome.
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