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  1. Hi can you help me with my habbo server pls? contact me on skype
  2. Oh ... yea getting started with the gif stuff is a bit frustrating haha
    You could try the 30 days trial for Photoshop or the CC version for 1 month or something if you are interested in that.
    Good luck :D
  3. Haha why am I your only hope? :p I'm just not sure if I'll have time to create a signature tbh. But I'll see if I can make a few hours time on the weekend :)
  4. you old koot. they're both future xD
  5. It was about 12 am. I couldn't sleep as much as I tried. My eyes kept opening on their own as much as I tried to keep them shut. I sighed heavily as I felt the drip of sweat flowing down my cheek. It was warm. The fan was no help and the 50 year old neighbor auntie wasn't making my sleep any easier by singing with that horrible voice of hers. I slayed there on my bed, my eyes wide open. Amidst the dark I could not see my ceiling. I was staring at nothing. It was at this moment where my mind started to play restless thoughts. I thought about everything. My homework that I haven't started yet, butter , 10 ways to poop, origin of earth and even God. Ugh! I couldn't sleep! There was but one thing to do at this type of situations. I grabbed my phone. Little did I know that in the dark, my phone would become the sunlight. As my eyes burnt in agony when I turned on the display, it was then I realized ... my phone screen is brighter than my future ._.
  6. Wake up take a sip a ace a spades like it's watuhh. I been on the molly and them xanZ whatchu thoughta. If she catch me cheatin I would never teller sorry
  7. Can you tell me why my thread didn't accepted till now at Free MMO Servers?
    if it has a problems you can tell me ..
    thank you
  8. Enviado desde mi Vinz mediante Future visitormessage
  9. Hahah, I don't know why that didn't cross my mind!
  10. Hi. You left a message on my profile, which I assume was meant for someone else. Could you clarify?
  11. Response to what?
  12. I came here to say that the quote in your signature is on point. Have a great day.
  13. All thanks to a fucking rabbit :C
  14. Wysłane z mojego HELLO przy użyciu Visitor Message
  15. Non-Muslim here too but eyhhh ;) Eid Mubarak!
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About Future

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About Future
Reason For Joining:
Desperately needing help setting up my p-server
Favorite MMO:
Ace Online
About Yourself:
~2008 - Starting to play the MMO SpaceShooter AirRivals (USA: Ace Online)
~2010 - Getting to know what a "private server" is by searching for alternatives
~2011 - Download of server files and setting up the first shitty p-server
03.12.2011 - The journey begins, failing horribly at the first attempts of starting a server, asking the most stupid questions on this planet
~2013 - Getting better with technologies like DataBases (SQL, TSQL), doing more than the average p-server dev is able to
~2014 - Getting hands on some actual source codes the first time (starting another journey of learning C++)
~2015 - Getting far above average p-server publisher, rewriting core parts of the game to own need.
04.05.2015 - Converting the annoyance of noobs in the Ace Section into an initiative. Applying as moderator
02.07.2015 - Being given the chance to change things as moderator
20.05.2017 - Being trusted with even more ability, to contribute to the change of the whole MMO Area


Quote Originally Posted by A Wise Man
P-Servers are NOT dead. Bugs need squishing. Quests need fixing. Unfortunately, majority of people don't know the difference between a computer and a toaster so...


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