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  1. Totally forgot about this website. No problem man. I really need to update that release with new info
  2. Your inbox is full so I'll leave this here.

    Quote Originally Posted by eshays
    do you know if this was ever completed or removed?

    I'm too lazy to startup my KMS beta and screenshot again, but it was only available in the very first stages of KMS. I think up until the minor of 255 was the UI was implemented, then it was revamped to the newer design that's been used until big bang (removed from client-side). However, the UI portions still exist within the game files in UI.wz/Basic.img, but they obviously won't work if you WZ Edited them because they'd be visually off lol.
  3. Your inbox is full.
    Quote Originally Posted by eshays
    hey do you know whats wrong with the portals in beta?
    If I remember correctly, the information that's written in the WZ (which then extracted into XML format used by the server) is wrong, the IDs of the "next map" and "previous map" that the portals move you to, is one more or one less than the ID number it should be.
  4. Thank you for those links to the book eshays.
    I didn't even ask for them but I'll definitely give ida read!
    Get it, get it? :B
  5. Inbox is full;

    I use IDA v6.8.150423

    Mine was originally an installer, but it was taken down so I posted another version on my thread
  6. Your inbox filled up again, but I put my PM in my thread instead.

    Thanks again!
  7. Hey eshays,

    I tried replying to your message after testing out your suggestions but your inbox is full. Would you mind freeing up some space? :)
  8. Quote Originally Posted by eshays
    hi notice anything in your reactor script or map script?


    I made a change in my hitReactor:
    Alter line:

     } else {
                map.broadcastMessage(MaplePacketCreator.triggerReactor(this, stance));
                if (state > 4) {
                ReactorScriptManager.getInstance().act(c, this);

    It worked well, most believe that something must break .
    If you know of something better , tell me , v.62 use .
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