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  1. Sorry to bother you, but final verdicts on my pm?
  2. Congrats on supervisor man.
  3. congrats mate
  4. Gratz on Brown Color
  5. Gratz on brown colour.
  6. Congrats on supervisor man.
  7. Will Don Vito sell me insurance?
  8. Excuses...
  9. I see you're viewing bewbie thread? Hmm...
  10. Jango Fett sounds like Jango Fat xP
  11. Happy new year x)
  12. Alright! I took the online test, and oh boy. Some of those signs (because you have to know the signs) I would of never imagined what they meant. Then the other signs, they're pretty much common sense, ya know? ;P But yeah, when I took it only you have to pass it with an 80%, and I kind of got a 60% lol!

    Oh yeah, I'm from the United States; Michigan. ;)
  13. You got MSN man?
  14. Oh, that's pretty cool. I'm too taking Drivers training toward the end of January. Actually, I take it the 20th I believe, and should have my permit by February 15. I'm nervous though, but my mom said I'll be okay because I can parallel park, and pretty much drive better than her she said, lol.

    Yeah, the insurance industry would be a good place to work, imho. Getting a discount on insurance would be a plus nonetheless, because insurance is so expensive these days, sometimes it's just absurd. With you being over the age of 18 (not minding where you live because I have asked you, I forgot to ask you lol ;)). If you're here in the United States or michigan anywho, if you're under the age of 18 insurance is like so expensive. My mom doesn't have insurance (shh), but she has to get it come Febrary 15, because that's when I'll be driving. I really can't wait to strart driving it seems so cool, but very dangerous you have to be very catious.
  15. Okay, sounds good!

    Good night ;)
  16. Oh cool, I turn 16 in august, I pretty much can't wait. Taking drivers traning, and such. The little things that I'm sure you've been through and made you excited when you were my age; one step closer to becoming a real man, yah know?

    I play online games sometimes, but only when I dev them. I really don't have that much of a taste for just straight out playing the games, that kind of gets boring without any real potential in doing something with it, so unless I'm doing some type of dev'ing/coding I normally don't just play online games.

    I've also always loved my computer, I first initially fell in love with my desktop. Old desktop we had about for about 2 -3 years. It had the blue screen of death though, sadly. When that computer died around November of 07, and I got a laptop Christmas of 07, which is what I'm still using until I get another desktop. The computer has always been something that I like to get on, just to hang out for short periods of times, or when I have nothing to do. It also makes your do go by so extermly fast. I like to play consoles sometimes, I was over a buds last night playing some PS3 and the Wii, we had a fun time just hanging out.

    When I'm not on the computer though, I'm just an average guy I guess. I like to run ( I run cross country, running ftw). I also like to swim, hang out with budds, hang out with girls and such. But yeah, I"m 5'7 and weigh 135 i'm pretty skinny. My new years resolution is to get fit, and get a 6 pack and pecs and the whole sha-bang.

  17. Hey! How old are you, what do you like to do? [:
  18. Hey man, I haven't really talked to you much, and you seem like a cool guy and I thought I'd take the chance to get to know you. Just dropping by to say Happy New Year.
  19. happy new year >:)
  20. hey when will you be getting your name back. i`m still not used to that name changing thing -_-'
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