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  1. Raff <33
  2. Sorry I didn't see your thread until now.

    You've been stickied. Might want to go wash off now... Just sayin.
  3. Good to hear everything passed...
  4. Hehehey, how are you, never noticed you leave the moderator team. Everything alright?
  5. Haven't seen you on in ages... How's it goin??
  6. RZ has become shit, dont know what happend but they are fucking everything up, am missing The Love Shack, so how are you bro?
    seriously idc
    were meeting bladdddd
  8. now i tihnk about it you have lol.
    i honestly forgot hahaa :P

    ive been good going home in 2 days!
    house mates keep posting things on facebook and i think they are aiming at me. im not thick lol. i think they think im using thier stuff (im not i dont touch other peoples stuff, even though my stuff has been used)
    and one put this as thier status:
    Why is it every time I come on facebook someone else has had a baby or got married/engaged at 20? Is know one else happy leading a life with minimum responsibility? Nope just me ok u guys enjoy being tied down at a young age and i'll keep enjoying being TWENTY not FORTY!

    well excuse me, but im very happy with my man and if i want to settle down after uni then its my problem not yours. if you dont like thier status then do look at it.
  9. hey look at you your a super duper moddy!
    btw sorry for my bf calling you :P not sure if you saw my reply in the 'turing 16' thread
  10. ey raff do you know the how the style is called that rz is using?
    would do anything for nice weather, it rains here circa 340 days a year so pretty shit here
  11. Sun here is very rare, it rains almost everyday its not normal.
    It's actually better they reduce the people in the army then in education because if we would lower our education we would lose our precious price of 1 of the best countries for education, its pretty heavy except if your me, never had less then 100% for my exams or just during the year.
  12. Belgium, we only got 6000 in the navy and now they are firing 2000 of them, it would cost to much, that they sell those stupid airplanes we never use, we always borrow of France or England a plane, so why would we need 1
  13. 21 July next year, I guess I shouldn't join the navy here because they are firing more then 2000 people, luckly the school still seek people so going to teach on a college
  14. My life currently can't get any better
    have top-grades at school, am engaged, next year is my graduation which I certainly will have and when I graduate I directly will have work, which is a big relief during this dark period
  15. It's been a while I saw you posting
    how are you?
  16. Oh, I thought you were a supervisor?

    This *moderator* insulted and banned a member that didn't break any rule.

    Can someone please demote this individual? This is unnaceptable.

  18. Hey Raff.
    Long time no speak huh?
    I'd just like to thank you for your advice about my PC issues.
    I'm already back from the US.
    Got back today, so hopefully things are a lot better for me.

    Best Regards,
  19. Hey Raff.
    If you wouldn't mind please check my post.
    Best Regards,
  20. Hey I'll play some left 4 dead with you! my gamertag is Popozow1012
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