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  1. 22 degrees of egyptian weather xD and camels.. i wanna ride a camel ;c and im being made to swim whether i like it or not.
    Downside I have to be infected with hepititis A and b T_T malaria, polio, tetanus boosters, basically im being drugged up with sickness a week before i go ;c
  2. guess whos going egypt in february o.o
  3. whaa? O-o
  4. I didn't buy it either XD just gotta pay him back in chocolate fingers x3 and why would I be jealous of school? XD
  5. have i done something wrong? O.o and guess whos got borderlands 2 x3
  6. Haha sounds awesome, good luck with programming :D
    Been a while man!
  7. Could you please have a look at my thread in CP please? :)
  8. Sup Dan ^^
  9. I got the hang of it eventually xD and Im pretty sure I only have 1 wisdom tooth aha, I've got two molars and then a wisdom tooth right behind it and one molar on the other side, I had two but one got pulled out when i was younger xD how'#s life treatin' ya?
  10. I have to go dentist, soon.. but i have no dentist ;P and I only have 1 baby wisdom tooth ;3 and its just painlessly weening its way in on my bottom row O_O
    And do you know where this competition is? Lol you'll probably be with all the Londoners, considering it's the captial. XD Or manchester because thats like London but with us northeners in it ahaa and you'd think london is too posh for a race o.o
    And at the party i wore 4 inch heels... and a long dress that i kept tripping over.. it seems my ability to walk in heals improved once i had like 4 glasses of wine shoved down me throat aha o-o and you and your bloody cars haa xD
  11. aha xD rain is bad when only half of my radiator warms up, and thats the bottom half so poppy is the lucky one cause her bed is cosy and warm xD
    Oh and i wore a dress on saturday ahaha xD
  12. Not really >.> raining here >.> well it was o.o
  13. eveningg
  14. hello, can you help me fix my problem, it a files i need you help me if you can do please go teamviewer for more infor. i am waitting for you.
  15. Aww come online pwease? :c
  16. Add me you shpoon
  17. Hiyurrrrr guess whos email got hacked then guess who forgot their password and couldnt reset it T.T but guess who has terraria and minecraft now? XD
  18. I miss you Ghost Snyper... So I logged on to say hi :)
  19. before I go off and write up a post, would you think (seeing as you're mod of the rs section) to start up a community project? It'd involve a web system coupled with a scalable, open-sourced runescape server that we'd write as a team, e.g 6 of us work on the actual server, and then 3 on the web system.
    As I said, just wanting to get a second opinion on this, as the rs section has died down
  20. Can you plz help me with my rsps plz
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