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  1. am sicky sicky :( i have a party tomorrow and im ill :L
  2. whats wrong with you? D: i hope you get well soonnn and i hope its not life threatening sick aha xD
  3. the biggg paragraph? aha xD i've got my halloween costume ;3 tehe whats up? ;3
  4. sorry if i made you mad o.o
  5. I know I know that, but having your body shut down is worse than depression because depressions mental, body shutting down is physical. o.o But I'd rather have depression any day than have lung cancer and die. ._. And I get along with my dad because he's done so much for me even though i don't live for him and the fact that my mum is the one in the wrong not my dad. She cheated on him, she ruined our family and she expects me to like her new fella? no way. And my dad went out and started renting a house (he lived with his mum, dont like ma nan) for me and im having a halloween party and he bought loads of expensive stuff for it o.o
    I'm dead proud of my dad and i hate my mum xD bad eh?
  6. (sorry for the rant, just got no one to talk to lol :/ no friends xD)
  7. Heat could go higher if we go to the pyramids (which we probably are) Probably post a picture of me on a camel on here, i think it's kinda funny that I get to ride a camel before a horse xD
    And go ahead, more work ya do, more money you get, just be careful you don't overwork yourself x3 its worse than depression, your body could shut down if you work too much ;p
    im still waiting for asda to reply, they've no jobs posted now and they've reviewed my application so i may have a shot at getting a job ;3 did i tell you my mum got a boyfriend? ;/ ever since then she's been lying to me, and putting him before the family. My cousin had a baby and his baby was being christened and she was like "well i only see him every fortnight" and its like, you only get christened once in your life T_T basically loads of shits going on so im probably gonna end up moving in with my dad xD atleast then my breathing can improve ;/
    And there was a volkswagen song on xfactor once xD and that is niceeee ;3
  8. 22 degrees of egyptian weather xD and camels.. i wanna ride a camel ;c and im being made to swim whether i like it or not.
    Downside I have to be infected with hepititis A and b T_T malaria, polio, tetanus boosters, basically im being drugged up with sickness a week before i go ;c
  9. guess whos going egypt in february o.o
  10. whaa? O-o
  11. I didn't buy it either XD just gotta pay him back in chocolate fingers x3 and why would I be jealous of school? XD
  12. have i done something wrong? O.o and guess whos got borderlands 2 x3
  13. Haha sounds awesome, good luck with programming :D
    Been a while man!
  14. Could you please have a look at my thread in CP please? :)
  15. Sup Dan ^^
  16. I got the hang of it eventually xD and Im pretty sure I only have 1 wisdom tooth aha, I've got two molars and then a wisdom tooth right behind it and one molar on the other side, I had two but one got pulled out when i was younger xD how'#s life treatin' ya?
  17. I have to go dentist, soon.. but i have no dentist ;P and I only have 1 baby wisdom tooth ;3 and its just painlessly weening its way in on my bottom row O_O
    And do you know where this competition is? Lol you'll probably be with all the Londoners, considering it's the captial. XD Or manchester because thats like London but with us northeners in it ahaa and you'd think london is too posh for a race o.o
    And at the party i wore 4 inch heels... and a long dress that i kept tripping over.. it seems my ability to walk in heals improved once i had like 4 glasses of wine shoved down me throat aha o-o and you and your bloody cars haa xD
  18. aha xD rain is bad when only half of my radiator warms up, and thats the bottom half so poppy is the lucky one cause her bed is cosy and warm xD
    Oh and i wore a dress on saturday ahaha xD
  19. Not really >.> raining here >.> well it was o.o
  20. eveningg
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