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  1. sorry I havent been on msn lately.
    didnt have enough money to pay bill :l xD
  2. Help please, well if you can help it would be great, if u cant please tell me where to post on here!
    Well the problem is, everytime i shutdown the start up my computer java runtime disappears along with msn update, but my work isnt lost as i still keep my files i edited on the desktop?
    Thanks again, your pal sp
  3. Stop calling me mate. :X
  4. Rawr.
  5. Yes!!! Emo is back!!
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    thx for the concern, buddy :)

    My whole family was there up our neighbor's roof when it was happening and we spent like two days and two nights without food and its so cold. We're very lucky that we are all safe after what happened.

    btw, if you're curious about how my house looks like after the incident, here's a clip.
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    What more proof do you need?! You've all just been fucked in the ass by Jason....

    In case he deletes the posts,

    I'm going out to the school's football game tonight, wont be back until later. I suggest posting about this in the RZ staff section. Tell the people who got pissed off at me for trying to warn them something like this WOULD happen.

    And for the record, no other RF client has EVER gave reports for keylogger activity. Packing a keylogger in to the BIN file would prevent antiviruses from detecting it unless the antivirus monitors network traffic. If you do not believe me then go check other servers' game clients. Kaspersky wont give you a keylogger activity warning. I've never seen this in my two years of working with RF private servers and neither has anyone else.
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    Not my problem, really. If they want to get pissed off at the person posting obvious evidence of what kind of person Jason is instead of getting pissed of that mental considered letting Jason run a server for RZ then they can go for it.

    Everything Jason does is fake and is not done for anything but money. I could tell you a very good prediction of what Jason is going to do with the server but I'm not going to because you'll tell Jason about it and he'll deny everything and try to hide it better.

    If the rz staff knew what I knew about Jason and rz rf the project would be dropped in a heartbeat.
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    I'm merely making an attempt to warn people not to waste their time and money on botgod's server. All the servers he has ran, well over 10 different servers for various games, NONE of them have EVER lasted or turned out good. This is going to be no different.

    Just watch. You'll see. When it turns bad you're going to be thinking "we should have listened to them."
  10. Added to MSN ;)
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    how about you quit riding jason's dick, mmk?
  12. Dan, you've been on msn, but you never talk to me, are you avoiding your WIFE? >;[
  13. hey hows it going?
  14. It's a toshiba. Idk the ram on it. Didn't ask. Too bad it wasn't vista, XP sucks. D;

    EDIT: I'll go on msn nao.
  15. Indeed, that ring on my finger does mean something. :P
    Oh yeah, I is getting a new laptop. Is it possible to change a lappy from a Windows XP to a Windows Vista?
    I hate XP. :@
    My friend changed his from Windows XP once, to vista. And it broke. x-x
  16. Aw, I feel loved!! Myself being in the middle of your conversations, oh that rawks.
    Anyhoo, sorry I havent been on to chat. My mom didn't pay the bill for phone, internet and the tv. So they cancelled it. ¬.¬
    Annoying buggers.
  17. nice,thanks.
  18. yeh windows 7 is awsome,

    i love it!

    but dont like all then applications on start bar,so small and like blocks,
  19. upgrading to windows 7 from xp as we speak, %51 done,

    and may igor RIP
  20. I'm always tired anyway, no matter what time I go to sleep or get up so. XD
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