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  1. What's the news from the doc? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. It seems that you could use a hug, but I can't travel all the way to where you live soo...
  2. just finished all of code geass, at like 6 o clock in morning,i was awake all night,not sleapy atall!

    i cant believe how its ended.
  3. so hows ragescape going,hows life,what's up.
  4. hey ghost,since you've been here lonely talking to only one person i thought i'd come and chear you up! hope you dont mind.
  5. Pahaa, I've had so many infractions. (:
    I've just come home from school, and i've figured out that we get lockers, well the special ones do. I has a job. :D
  6. Would I get an infraction for being illegally married to an eighteen yr old? XD
    Would I get an infraction for harassing a moderator, by sitting on him then playing chess.
  7. You're the only dude who's on my visitors page anyhoo, so we match.
    And lets just say, I have a friend. On how to get the documents. Btw, rings on the way. >;D
  8. Why, who thinks that you're not worth talking to?
    You're my official husband, I have the documents. So obviously I'm bound to talk to yah! :D
  9. I do not have seductive powers, it's just pure luck. :D
    I've just realized that most of your visitor's messages are MINE.
  10. I has an open mind. (:
    And anyways, it could happen. xD
  11. You shall sleep at one end of the room on the floor, I'll sleep at the other.
    I know we're married, but I am not sharing the same floor spot as you in case you move your hands in a spot they're not supposed to be. >;D
  12. I'll sleep on the floor then.
    Sister or not, I have a thing about sleeping in other people's bed.
    You never know who creeps in at night and does... things...
  13. Umm... My uncle broke my bedframe, so I kinda don't have an "under my bed" either... You can have my sister's bed, since she never sleeps in there anyways
  14. I'll sleep under you're bed - as long as you don't have any underwear under there.
  15. I do not need the 80p anymore, I'm living in your attic.
  16. Hello Married man.
    Got a family yet? Oh yeah, I want my 80p bus fare.
    You promised, I cant get home nao. >;D
  17. Gl with the move! (:
  18. lol thanks <3
  19. You'll have to supply the conversation, because I'm not very chatty. xD
    But I will add chu. And my msn is playing up, it keeps signing me out and then back in, it's annoying my friends so they're blocking me all the time. -.- It says it's my wireless buh it's not. D;
    So I go on iloveim all the time. euh. =[

    And my studies have been going great I suppose, I started year 10 at school and so far so good. I got a D on one piece of my english coursework, 'least I can improve this year.

    'Nuff about me, how about you! xD
  20. Afternoon my ghostly friend, how are you on this fine day?
    Not been on in a long time, have I? :D Sorta kicked my hard-drive and memory card fell out, obviously at the time I had no clue what happened to it. But after 8 weeks of nothingness my computer techy cousin comes to fix my computer. So I is back. (:

    What've I missed?
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