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  1. I love, I hate, I deliberate...
  2. Hey phantom,

    Could you edit the blender exporter to work with 2.6+?
    I could even pay you for it. (not allot, haha) (and you can make it a public release. Anything to improve the development in gunz servers!)

    Thanks in advanced,

    Deathnite - Robin
  3. Finaly compared and researched stuff :P
    (We all know Lazyness, dont we)

    Anyways, so, No bytes Changed / Your export =

    I then did what you mentioned (changing the two/single sided related byte)

    Red Marked Byte:
    You can see that the Sphere is unchanged but the Faces of the Star are affected by changing the Byte before the Alpha Value.

    When comparing i found another mismatching Byte (Green Marked Byte)
    And this time the Sphere was affected:
  4. Dont mean to disrespect but cmon, you think you have to tell me how to change Normals ^^?
    Dont remember having the faces set to twosided however ...
    Oh well, on to improoving my skills~
  5. I see, thanks for that Information.
    While what you gave me is more usable then what i had it looks more like
    the Spheres Normals are Inverted.
    Tough this can be used for a neat fake Cell Shading Border.
  6. I tried quite some settings related to transparency.
    Thats the last one i tried, i also included the blend file.
    Dont care if someone leechs as its testing purposes and was made out of boredom.
    Thanks for offering your Help.
  7. Well, thats kind of what i did and try already.
    But ill try again, thanks for reading and looking at it again!
  8. Good to hear that. Take care bud.
  9. Oi, are you still alive?
  10. I would like you to look at your Elu Script again.
    Because Transparency is bothersome when the object depends on having a Transparent texture.
    Here you see what you get at Gunz with a Model with Transparent Faces.
    (Overscaled on Purpose)
    You see that half of the Faces arent Renderd Correctly and i would like to know if its by any chance due to some lack of coding or like a typo of some sorts.
    The abouve Model is exported on V5 as anything besides V5 DOESNT carry Transparency Settings for Faces (dont know if im the Only one)
    I also did some researching/messing around on my own.
    The 4th Byte before the Object Name, counted from the start to the right, is Related to the Light/Rendering of a Object of some sorts?
    Because this is what i get when i change that Byte.
    Thanks for Reading and I would realy appreciate it if you could spare some time for that, so yea, thx in advance.
  11. Added the smallest .elu files for you (all 1kb)
    You can also get a few more .elu files from HellSniper's post.

    Or if you want, I could re upload my unpacked mrf files in a .zip or .7z form if you like.
  12. Uploaded some .elu files from the GunZ 2 client for you in the thread.
  13. Phantom, I need your help, With the GunZ 2 Client leaked, It seems blender can no longer import .elu files, Please take some time and look here;

    I think I speak for all, When we ask for your assistance!
  14. How to make 2 seperate .elu files of the statues. Located on the following co-ordinates???
  15. Dear Sir :
    I am still learning Blender, (Kalonline GB ), I can not export model.
    No one guide me the steps to export,Can not download Forum video.
    You know how to export, please help me! If you have a video file,please email me thank you!
    My mailbox:
  16. happy new year, phan **
  17. This is well over-do it seems that I forgot to do this in the past; but thank you for your contribution to the GunZ scene your elu exporter has started the way for many many innovations. You sir, are a legend among the ranks of the other developers such as myself, thephailure772 and ThievingSix. and for that, I <3 you nohomo.
  18. Hey Phantom!

    I was messing with the exporter code, for *ani, and I can't seem to get it to work! I did substitute various things from each code but I cannot for the life of me seem to get my animation to export! :p

    Could you help me, or better, give me a clue on how to start!

    I don't know much about python but if I know where to start maybe I can continue, or others can. You've helped revolutionise GunZ (along with the other mighty programmers and coders) once, so can you help us do it again?

  19. Can you help me export a coat? It's just a simple retext, but when i export it (version 7 ofc), It shows up as nothing. If you can help me, you can pm me, or msg me on msn at This is for gunz btw.
  20. Phantom Can you please start making the .ani exporter for GunZ D: pl0x
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