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  1. Thought i'd just errr... pop in, fucking Legend, i want that shit, been here as long as u, sexy bitch
  2. They want to hurt you and get to you and you'll letting them do it. Well, I don't like to see you like that, and you should not give them the pleasure of seeing you pissed off like this, the best way to deal with this is just ignore them and prove that you have the best TR server by improving it and enchancing it the best way possible, sooner or later the files would have been released, competition and leeching is almost mandatory in the pserver world, you just shouldn't expose yourself and your feelings like that because that's exactly what most people want, just don't give them that pleasure, keep working on your server because making the best TR server is the best way to slap them back in the face.

    PS: It's annoying having to split the visitor messages, I guess you already know that you need to read from the bottom to the top or it doesn't make
  3. From what I've read I assume that you were reversing the files and working on them yourself for 2 years, and then suddenly the server files are released, that's like a slap in the face, and now the files are released again, another slap in the face, it's hard and I know it's hard but you can't declare war on everyone, from what I thought about you, excluding this conversation, you're smart and you're a nice guy, acting like this will only taint your reputation and basically you're making everyone happy because they like to see you angry...
  4. And those people who sell the files and profit from them are not from your server and much less yourself, you should know who they are...
    I just heard about it but since I don't know anyone from the TR world except for you and Hen, and since I don't want any problems with anyone, I didn't mention any names.
    I understand also that TR is your "baby" just like DR is my "baby", and we both protect them with all that we've got. But I wasn't disrespectful towards you like phprap was so I really didn't understand your aggressiveness towards me.
  5. I don't know if you're being ironic or not, but can we have a calm conversation now...?
    See, I kind of understand your concern, I know what it's like to work for many years on something and then just see everything falling into pieces, I've been through that in real life a few times, and I've been through it around the pserver world when the person that hosted DR just decided to wipe all the servers and databases for no reason and I had to reconstruct DR myself from ground zero because my community was torn apart with no place to go.
    I wasn't attacking you in any manner when I thanked phprap, I was basically critisizing the people who try to sell the files for 2000$-5000$, I had no idea that you were working on TR for the past 5 years, to be honest I thought the game'files were released this year since I never heard about the game until Mark/Nine told me about it.
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    Huh? Of bedoel je met het project?
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    what the fock is your problem ?
  8. I no us skyp
  9. Wtf does legend mean lol
  10. Ccccccongrats on legend.
  11. It means a joke lol congrats
  12. Congrats on Legend <3
  13. Alright give me a bit of an example when you're talking about ''Contributions'' i might be able to participate if I'm thinking about the right thing.
  14. Aye bud so how did you actually get the Legend because I've been as long as you have been member around RageZONE just wondering...
  15. Hey we're from the same join date ;-)
  16. I see you got Legend. Well, we're fucked. :3
  17. Lucky xD
  18. Congrats on Legend! Bring more quality releases please :)
  19. Oooohh. Smexy blue name :3 When was this?
  20. Can you reupload the sudden attack client files???All your link are broken.Thank You
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Ask gPotato to send it to me then since they can just ask Nexon for my contact details
Quote Originally Posted by border9008 View Post
So.. if we contact Gpotato about the "database," our US tr info will be in the private version?

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We're getting alot of complaints against KillerStefan. I don't think it's because he's incompetent, but rather the members of that section seem to be.


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