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  1. Hey I dont know anyone here and I cant get help on this but how do I bypass server upkeep on server 53?
  2. hi what is the news for tals runner ?
  3. Still remember the BMS file password?
  4. dude do u sell antihack for version 08.
    and the anti hack will block all the hacks , aimfix . macro . anti debug .
    trainers ,
    and etc :D
  5. what is happening with talesrunner?
  6. Do you have any releases of priston tale? if so please let me know :D
  7. Well I joined DR as ShadowKing on November 2006 when Mackintosh founded it, then about 2 months later I joined staff as NeoDio and as a Quest Developer, then I guess I just climbed my way into running the whole server for the past 3 years :)

    And I remember the gay porn deface of, fun times lolol.

    BTW, didn't you want to open a server for us, I think Mark/Nine was the one who told me about it, but it was about 1 month ago, we were on an msn convo but then you had to leave...
  8. Ahoy, I've been here for a long time, probably as ShadowKing or ParadiseLost, only made this account - NeoDio - about 2 years ago though.
  9. Lol, wish I had that. :P
  10. There there, no need to like this much.:P
  11. TalesRunner <3 I want to play private ;). EXCELLENT JOB!
  12. View Conversation
    u kno any successful sa ps?
  13. Happy new year! =3=
  14. Dude your the best! Cant wait for tr server and hope the characters dont cost real money :[
  15. btw I haz 2 piercingz <3
  16. My skype doesn't let me log in *_*
  17. Can I have your msn, I have an question.
  18. Tales runner <3
  19. BEBE! Lina haz some urinary problems again /=
    I might stay in hospital tomorrow tho, in which case we wont see each other for few days.
  20. No worries! Lina fixed her space-bar. It took me straight 3 hours+Hard times of Lina Novak
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I'm KillerStefan and I'm here to release stuff and help people.
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Quote Originally Posted by KillerStefan View Post
Ask gPotato to send it to me then since they can just ask Nexon for my contact details
Quote Originally Posted by border9008 View Post
So.. if we contact Gpotato about the "database," our US tr info will be in the private version?

Quote Originally Posted by Rishwin View Post
We're getting alot of complaints against KillerStefan. I don't think it's because he's incompetent, but rather the members of that section seem to be.


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