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  1. add me bk on skype ;[
  2. btw , we jobs are not working . When you join a corp , nothing happen when you :startwork but when you are not a part of any job , the :startwork works
  3. Is arrow / ATM Machine already coded into ZapRP Emulator?
    I'm opening a RP using your Emulator as most of the Emulator release are not stable.
    Also we can't start our job.
  4. Jonty amigo, I would advice you to disable directory indexing and to remove the ServerSignature on apache.

    Because I'm able to go through your directory for example:

    ( Not that it's a big deal ).
  5. Hey Jonteh, Sorry for bugging you man however I was looking through your housekeeping for Sleeve and was wondering do you have the SQL for "edit_logs" I believe it was for editing users via HK. Also It seem if I search a user it comes up "Error fetching account details.. does account exist?" It does exist as they were just on. I mean if you could get back to me sweet If I fix I will comment again.
  6. Sweet, Hey I'm using sleeve man and I can't seem to get mercury up on it. I've installed it on windows you know, IIS etc.... However It didn't work it would just crash after it would load hotel view and so I re installed windows and decided lets start fresh maybe there is a flaw in something I did, I went on and did the setup with a friend also reading over your TUT on Sleeve and the emulator he went over with me and swfs seem to be fine however there something with figuredata and the habboflashclient. I'm stumped however I'm just wondering is there something different besides adding your tables that I'm missing? Anyways off to go fix up the external.php stuff. Thanks for the info.
  7. I'm nowhere good at Php, I can barley code Html and Css. I mean I just am wondering is there any fiddling I would have to do to setup or not? I'm just asking as your the creator of Sleeve so maybe you would know the most. If so I would it would make me want to do it as a lot of people say just playing around with code can help you learn a lot. If not I'll still do it just wouldnt be as fun. So I'm guessing that it would be varchar in the database as it can be numbers and letters in the badge code?
  8. Hello, I am a fan of SleeveCMS and was wondering about some goodies you left in the housekeeping such as the external texts for badges. Is your "externals.php" similar to the one that came with UberCMS? Just want to explore that and eventually find a way to get it working. I'm not asking for much help just want some clues on trying to get it working. (Got to start somewhere.)
  9. lolz

    finally figured it out, good work dude! thanks
  10. Hi Jonty, Wrong place to post this I know but cba with help threads. trying to setup your rp emu but getting this upon client startup: Not sure if it's wrong SWFS or what but I queried everything in the db correctly, Odd enough I can't find the table 'weed_inventory' in the SQL you provided. I know I'm probably doing something completely wrong.

    Sorry for the noob help vm ;p
  11. Hey Jonteh, I was wondering if you could possibly send me your open source version of the zap rp. I just want to be able to add more commands and modify the code. I have no intention on renaming it and uploading it. I just want something I can mess with to learn how things work. I am not even a developer on here and I don't intend to be anytime soon. I need a good server that I can learn from because reality is shit. I understand you not wanting to release it to the community because of noobs who rename things and repost them after doing no work. But I can guarentee that you will not see a single release from me from the past or in the future. To be honest I dont think most of the community deserve alot of what they are getting because they seem to complain about every little detail and dont understand the hardwork that goes into these emulators. But yeah I would like to be able to try to learn from reading through the coding on your server. Thank you for your time.
  12. Hi Jonteh, I'm curious to what you have been up to. Are there any plans to create a habbo retro? If so, what type and any approximate eta on when? Thanks!
  13. I'm surprised to see you're still knocking about. Do you still play DayZ?
  14. I have come to invite you to a new server we have one week online, join and invite your friends to join us

    And we are looking for qualified staff for better development server

  15. jonty
  16. It's akllxproject sir.
  17. since green became the new blue hurhurhur. jonty 4 king.
  18. man i'm annonmouse and i'll hack ur fb
  19. oh ok
  20. psshhtt, my rig is :D

    goml (yeah yeah it's bad ik)
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