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  1. ur crunk
  2. Jonteh be cruising.
  3. Don't underestimate the power of indians. You never know what could they come up with ;)
  4. It's alright, You can thank me later :)
  5. Your new admin, Crunk is abusing powers like crazy. After I gave him pw to a VPS he changed it and wasn't giving it back. When he gave it back I went on the admin thing and tried to change password, in the middle of changing he got on the VPS and shut it down. As I went on the hotel to ask him, he kicked me out of Bourbons room over and over again possibly to stop me telling others about him kicking me. He now has basically stolen the VPS and taken an innocent little kids hotel :( I know you're thinking that whatever he did is not abusing staff powers, but the kicking part obviously is. He even went on to trying to control other users and staff (in his mind he was) but he obviously wasn't. You probably thing I'm being childish and jealous but I can tell you that I'm not being childish nor am I being jealous but this is abuse and you can ask S, Durry and Justin. About 3 advertisers went by and he done nothing to stop them.
  6. Hey...thank you for replying you can code php? Thats nice if you have skype or facebook add me...i need a new CMS so i think you can help me and my team coz i only got 1 PHP coder

    skype : xrazz.zergon
    facebook: (dont email me here)
  7. Hey can you code PHP? i am running an AQW Server so i need a new CMS if ucan PM me
  8. I always define it as, once it breaks down, it's a she ;) Added, I'm FatalLulz ofc.
  9. She's a she? ;o Windows 7? :P
    I play DayZ now on my laptop, and it lags a bit. Going to build a desktop, what's your Steam name if I can have it? :)
  10. Was looking at your sig, nice rig amigo :P How smooth does it run when using it on high performance games? Also how much was it if you remember?

  11. Hey Jonteh, What happened with Zap Hotel? I see there is new owners, are you done for good now?
  12. you're very talkative :L
  13. Dnno was jus bored and saw ur name haven't spoke to you for long :L
  14. fagg ^_^
  15. Joneth Hello I would love to talk to you about your emulator want to put it in my hotel pass me your skype and talk better.
  16. Hey, can you add me on Skype please? I have a quick Question. I Pay! :)
    Skype: antivirus229
  17. Hey Jonehh.
  18. Ah, good. We leave it as it is then. Thanks.
  19. Hey Jonty, Have you got skype or anything like that that I can talk to you over? Thanks

  20. Hey man, hows it going ? Message me back when you have time so we can talk about the current status of your emulator xD
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I am a b00n developer, if that is not enough, then you have not been on RZ for long!
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