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  1. Hmm, I'm just clueless. I think it might be something to do with the variables (have to enable the currency in the client itself?) - I'll just play around and see what results I can get out of it! Thanks anyway man. And one last thing, are there any known bugs in the emulator, just so I know what to fix and what not. Because the only bug I have occurred so far is when there's no users in rooms, the 'Rooms' tab just keeps loading and loading and there's a packet error: [C#] packet error - - I don't expect you to like spoon feed me, but I am unaware as to what it's informing me, but I do know it's telling me that the return value can't be null.. If that's the case, then how would I change the return value to let's say 0, not null :3 (If that's the case, from my understanding) - Cheers.
  2. Nah man, nothing related to anything else (points, shells, crystals, etc..) - Was the third currency working in the emulator for you?
  3. I did notice there was a 'crystals' row in the users table structure, and there are other things like 'points and vip_points' in the structure, and I've set them to different values (IE: put 1 crystal, 2 points and 3 vip_points, to see which one was which..) but I'm just not sure if I'm doing it right or not. I'm guessing it's down to my external variables? Could it be? But I have enabled the Shells currency to be displayed in the client, it just doesn't have a value to it. :/
  4. Hey Jonty. You disabled people from sending you PM's. I have your emulator edit working perfectly, so far, no problems! I've fixed the bugs that I had all myself, since the errors are clear to read. But now, I was just wondering, how would I go about getting the currency 'Shells' to work. I don't know if it's been coded in the emulator, or infact if any currency other than Credits & Pixels are in the actual emulator, if there's another currency that works (That I could use as maybe a special VIP currency, or what not) could you please tell me what it is? Because I enabled Shells in the externals, and I'm not sure if they're coded in the emulator.. Cheers!
  5. Jonty are you going to release a new update for UberCMS 2.0? and is there a way to make it work for IIS?
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    I have a question about IlluminaCMS. I'm not personally using it, but a friend is.

    Whenever new users register, they're disconnecting from the client before it even shows the hotel view and also their character has only pants on. The reason is because the new user is not being saved to the database. Any reason why? :o
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    Nope, they aren't. They're all different.
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    Alright well did you see my explanation of when it started happening?
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    I'll try again later because it was all set right, but still disconnected after a reboot. It was giving this error;

    7/8/2013 7:24:01 AM: Error in thread Server status update task:
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
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    Do you have Skype, because I have done that and no luck. It's faster to message there. If not, it's all good.
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    Never mind, it fixed it but users now disconnect entering the client.
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    The fix did work, and I do thank you. I've never had a problem with you until yes, you did try getting my forums taken down from reporting it as well as having people boot it. I've got proof you were requesting Josh & Ryan to do it. I've moved past that, but whatever. Drama is chill on my end.
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    1) Are you sure it's even the fix? I'm sure it's from the use of the proxy I use & the code I need to place.
    2) I offered to move past it, no need to continue to be a dick, even though YOU tried taking down my community.
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    How about we both stfu and be civil. I've just had shit against you for what you tried doing to my website and forums. But I am able to move past it if you are.
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    After the picture I saw, I wouldn't think twice to suck your dick, if I was gay.
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    You don't even know how to fix it either, idiot.
  17. so that I know that I can trust you, unbann me and give me account Meteor the final vip or just send a friend request to me
  18. okay well yesterday night my Ultimate vip was removed and I did the coin exploit I will tell you how to fix this exploit forever, also do some tests on the servers live with you. there is a catch, I want my vip back and some creds I also want you to bann dylan is a big fag he tells me on skype he fks your servers, ruins your eco, and you still like him....he also told me on skype that he creates fake receipts yet you don't realize, and I will tell you every user who scripted so we can balance the community, and lastly don't let your staff keep ip banning me ;)
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