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  1. remember me? lol
  2. I was clearly winding you up, and I know a lot about you.
  3. u funny
  4. hi i hurd u r a tard. that be tru?
  5. And if I'm so stupid, would I of been able to learn how to create both CCTs and SWFs, don't forget you said yourself you couldn't understand CCTs sooo awks.
    Also created my own Minecraft server .. js. You can ask Tom if you don't believe me...
  6. You're just one big lolathon Mark. Why do you even bother writing back? You were the one who ended the friendship who didn't want to speak to me again, yet you haven't moved on? You continue to try and find out what I'm doing, Shane had been asking Tom what we talk about? Like really? And then the whole Dan adding me into the convo? Can you seriously just not leave me alone? If I'm such a callous bitch that no one could ever like, then why the fuck do you want me in your life so bad? Don't deny it, because if it were untrue you wouldn't bother trying to insult me and hoping I write back.

    Oh and relative to your last comments. You say that you went on "vacation", so, what, I didn't? I guess I just sat on my ass then too. And who's to say that my routine is the same? I sat at home mostly to talk to you, I didn't go out much because if I did I'd get bitched at for not being active - funny that.
  7. Oh I can learn, I just didn't want to. Was just too easy to let you do it.

    I don't speak to Nad, she's just an poor little back stabbing whore IMO, no wonder her dad beats her. LOL you actually think Brandon tells people the truth when confronted? He lies to everything and everyone. I've learnt not to trust him just as everyone else has or will.

    LOOOOL, ikr, just such a big fucking mystery why I've had someone so long and you haven't. B'awww n_n
    And you're seriously going to call me out on doing nothing? In the years I've known you I've not known you to move off your fat ass other than to stuff your face, go shopping, pee, go to bed [if you don't pass out in your chair beforehand] or get ready to go out driving with your fair weather friends...
  8. Honestly you can think whatever the fuck you like. I couldn't give two shits for knowing it. I could of learned how to keep it up but I chose not to because it wasn't worth my time or effort.
    And yes...I would know. I've seen no improvements on activity except the odd extra players.

    And actually no. I've spoken to plenty of users from Hex. A bit of undercover work to see who's willing to leave etc. ;) Because I'm good like that, always wanting to help people.
    If I'm a constant bitch, why did you put up with me for so long huh? What was it that stopped all this from happening sooner?

    Why on EARTH would I want YOU to pity me. Eurgh, I just felt sick thinking about it. Oh and for the record .. I had an xray, they figured I broke a spinal disk years ago when I fell 10foot onto my back doing Parkour .. but of course I only pretend to be in pain for attention ;)
  9. I quit because I couldn't be fucked to try and save something that's beyond saving. Oh wow yeah I can see SO many more new users v.v' like .. 3.
    Babe you're now worse than I ever was. Anyone I come across that has come in contact with you has said what a cunt you are. Not even Emma or Brandon can stand Hex any more thanks to you.
    Oh and I don't have periods ;) I'm just a bitch. kty

  10. HopAndJump did code the other dragons.
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