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  1. Hey , my comp completley crashed o.o
  2. im on MSN all the time , add meh ,
  3. im online now! XD
  4. ok im back :P so..if ur there go in the chat again? xP
  5. You gotta understand that WZ repack is way more severe then Private servers. Its easier to Sue 1 person rather then going through lawsuits and stuff. Ragezone does not have any policys to protect you guys because this is a MMORPG Development. We are basically a forum for you to Advertise your server and release your Developments to improve better gaming for everyone.
  6. Makes no sense, If nexon is viewing the forums they will see that WZ repack is not allowed. Thus they'll leave and the community is safe. If they see that WZ repack is going on here then they'll sue all of you. Im not scared myself because i dont do WZ repacking. As the Maplestory Moderator i want to protect you guys from getting Nexon'd.
  7. How will blocking WZ repack make them not happy?
  8. Not me, people around you
  9. sorry didnt see your message til now on the web, i got to go now but ill msg u 2morrow
  10. I also have a chat on the website ,
  11. Got msn or some other way to talk more easy? XD
  12. Hey , are you a coder/scripter? Cuz i really need help with my server
    Its no hamachi and ive just started it , but there is some things that i just cant fix D:
    ofcourse youll get to be Gm if u help me
  13. Lmao kk :P
  14. thats because i don't want any viewers F5 - LEAVE NAO!!!11!one
  15. Haha buddy love your siggy :)
  16. EXACTLY! Tell him to use search button or something. That was my entire point, I know you help people. My message was just to warn you about that, those little things can get you banned. I really wouldn't want you banned, even if I don't know you. It's just really being an asshole, if you can't help him. Then don't post. I seriously have nothing against you. I'm just saying, don't do that kinda crap, it's really disrespectful. Also, I wasn't judging you, the first post on your wall was headed to most of the useless comments you have posted. It wasn't meant to be to your charatcer/personality, so don't let it go that way.
  17. Seriously, I've seen your posts around. Their not very helpful or in the proper format. Their most likely spam or just useless trash on [help] threads by noobs.
  18. I just noticed, your really pretty much useless. ALL of your posts include flames, insults or spam. You never post anything helpfull. Get the fuck out and go back where you came from, faggot.
  19. Time to get Vista? The search function searches for words in documents
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