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  1. Swag me now or swag me later?
  2. Hi Hi Hi karli Thnx for helping me out really appreciate it ^_^
  3. I don't think he liked the changes on his avatar. :P
  4. sorry if i get into your and kars discussion but, here, in Romania, weed is very expensive... Almost 10Euros per 0.5gram... this is why some of my friends buy that organic modiffied plants or something like this... the ethnobotanical plants(which are crappy). some young dudes died because of that..
  5. lol... Ganja Member. I like
  6. Cannabis Sativa Lineu (L)
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    That's a nice price, yea.
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    Yes. Doesn't that drive the price way up?
    It's 8 Euro's per gram here.
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    Doesn't it give you trouble though, getting weed and getting high in germany? I mean, i can just pick mine up at the shops.
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    You're pretty close to me. I'm your neighbor, basically.
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    I agree.
    Where are you from?
    And thanks.
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    Last time I was doing reports, basically every report started to repeat itself :/ But yeah, hows life anyway? Surprised to know you do MMORPG Development also!
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    WF was dead last I checked, it is filled with bots D':
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    No way man its soulsector! XD
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    Are you karlitaki from WF?
  16. hey dude how are you mate,
    great ty for setting up server dude ;)
    please go on!
  17. I was just sorting some reports because I had a few minutes and there were a lot of them piling up. So, glad to be of help.
  18. Karliii You are the gratest :P

    Hey you :)
  20. I never see you online xD

    My name is Luke or If you see either of those message me but I always look out for you.
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