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  1. Allow your Skype
  2. Sorry about virus, i think it is not problem, because almost Server MU have alot trojan, I need Compress it before extract its, We will see trojan or malware unsafe or safe after They choose run it or not. It is gift form china Mu Origin, They like me and give, so I give every one free, Thanks for reply.
    Have a good time !
  3. hey, can u send me your skype ? :D
  4. karli can you help me making a season 6 or season 2 of mu i can give you my ip or anything you need from me just not money :P but please i really need to make one.
  5. Gratz on mod :)
  6. skype ?
  7. Thanks, I've re-sent it now. Regards
  8. I've done that 3 weeks ago. Thanks in advance man
  9. karli? im need your skype please!
  10. Hello, I'd like to contact you privately, but your inbox is full :-/
  11. main hook+chs charset
    link: Main_1.5.7_Hook_chs

    Korea needs language plz ...
  12. Hello, yes, i can create launcher for your version, price is 60$ (include adaptation of your design).

    Duration for development: job week (3-5 days, include tests)
  13. It's perfect now sir! You're awsome for the help you bring to the community.
  14. Whenever you get some free time for that alignment of barn would be perfect.
  15. Hi sir, yes,s that is the barn that was missing. It's there now but a bit messed up (not aligned) as you can see in screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot, sorry for disturbance

    I do not get pushback now though so this is awsome :x
  16. Thanks for the help sir, a small visual bug I have though. The barn is missing Screenshot by Lightshot
    Should be like here Screenshot by Lightshot (sorry but looks weird without the barn like the wall is cuted)

    Also I have some pushback effect when walking to the door, I think is terrain problem. Here is my terrain file

    Whenever you have some spare boredome time, dont take this as priority.
  17. Hello Sir, your pm box is full. I will send here the world1 we talked about

    Thank you
  18. Hi, i need good server files S6 or S4.
    Can u help me? u have server files stable ? i can prize for files, i can edit thise files, i neeeed goooood:)

    and, i think about:


    [ExTeam] Season 6 Episode 3 Titan Tech [EN] - Season 6/3 TT - Develop of Mu Online

    or MuEMU. s6.

    canu help me with thise problem?
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