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  1. nope o-o
  2. MSN -

    Skype - Burblish

    I added you on msn but, you haven't accepted o-o
  3. Mhmmm, sounds fun and interesting. As what position tho? :p
  4. u mad bro?
  5. Nope, no idea where that is. My wife does but I don't. I haven't done much exploring since I've been here.
  6. It depends on the date of the thread containing the previous discussion. If it is older than a month since the last post, we usually allow either A) posts that pertain/contribute to the topic in the old thread, regardless if it's bumping it or not or B) recreating a new thread regarding a similar discussion. There have already been a few times this has happened and we've allowed it. The reason the thread you are concerned about was closed, is because the previous thread was still an active thread.
  7. (proof osiris doesn't code PQs below)

    anyways good luck I suppose. the old PQs are the easiest, HPQ wasn't that easy though.

    Also the event system is prone to memory leaks all over the place so I recommend either completely scrapping it (which I have done), or recoding it (may be time-consuming and is pretty difficult)
  8. Not necessarily is a packet matters, I mean, of course there are packets, must mostly are just already handled in most sources. I honestly have never done a PPQ, so I'm unsure if it have something special that may require some packet that you may not have or what not.

    I'm sorry, I don't really can give you a solid answer to this. I would need to do a PPQ to know what you're actually talking about.
  9. No, because the thread by Mental is simply a vague description and doesn't allow discussion on the topic. The one in the MapleStory section is a more detailed description and allows a discussion to take place, getting members opinions on the topic.
  10. ... continued.

    After the timer for level runs out, you will need the packet to display score and the clear message. After the status bar goes to 0, you need to also display score and FAILED message. Then you warp out to either exit or next stage. The exception is the last stage, and then you warp to the final room. Then you click NPC to go to bonus. There are also options there to save the bonus round for later.

    PyPQ is not a good PQ to start coding in the beginning. Try something that does not have that many packets. LMPQ is really easy (took me 15 min?). Then you should try KPQ and then LPQ and stuff.

    1. This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between posts. Please try again in 20 seconds. Now 11 Now 8 Now 6 Now 4 Now 2

    Sniff packets the PQ text and stuff. PyPQ is hard because it has other packets to worry about such as the timer, the amount of life left, the counter for kills, cools, the specials, and the misses. Those will all have to be handled per kill.

    There are a few timers you will need. 1. The monsters spawn at a given period of time. 2. The status bar moves down steadily. 3. The timer to end the level. 4. The spawn for the yeti needs to be timed somewhat.

    When you kill a monster in a the PQ, increase kill count unless it's a cool, then increase cool count. Then increase the status bar. When you hit the yeti, increase miss count, decrease status bar.
  12. Plain and simple. Now, as I've said to you twice now... anything further on the subject, contact me or another staff member about it. Don't post it in a thread. It only encourages more flame wars.
  13. Regarding your most recent post. No, it is not a bit harsh. This section did allow discussions about private servers on numerous occasions. Every time, it's resulted in the same.

    Member A: Hey, such-and-such server just did such-and-such.
    Member B: Who cares? such-and-such sucks and leeches.
    Member C: such-and-such is a fag.
    Member D: such-and-such can't code.

    The list goes on and on. This is why we don't allow private server discussions. You've been in this section for a long time, so there is no way you can't tell me that isn't what happens. Yes, as a Moderator, it is our job to clear flames. It is not our job to encourage threads that will only bring flames. You don't seem to be understanding that. Allowing what you are talking about will do more harm than good. There is no maybe. It will happen. It has always happened in the past and it will happen again. Why am I so sure? Because people in the section can't handle mature discussions.
  14. If it's just one question, why not make it here?
  15. Next time you have an issue, PM me or another Mod. Don't make a legitimate thread into an off topic discussion. Too many people are doing that lately and it's getting really annoying.
  16. Not too much... very tired. You?
  17. Hello. :)
  18. why hello there.
  19. what?
  20. Hi are you xuannie :o
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