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  1. Always been somthin' mate, never nothin, you can ask around always been in the top 4 in the GunZ Scene. and I'm far more active than you'd believe. I sign in as invisible, just beacuse I'm not posting doesn't mean I'm not moderating. I have 3 sections to moderate and a life to live, when I get around to releasing I do, but that's not my job as a mod.
  2. hey revolution
    i'm hichay
    i was change accout :)
  3. I feel so noob lol, I lost so much of my developer stuff I knew when my computer broke
  4. So if I was adding a weapon with the Elu file Weapon1, I would just put Weapon1 for everything when editing Weapon.xml. Thanks Pr014rDevRev.
  5. I know that, but the AddBaseModel="dagger01" which file is that, does that read from the Elu, or the Texture file
  6. I haz a noob question.

    When editing Weapon.xml to add an item in,

    	<AddWeaponElu name="dagger01" 	weapon_motion_type = "7" weapon_type = "10" >	
    		<AddBaseModel name="dagger01" 	filename="model/weapon/dagger/dagger01.elu" />
    Is the "<AddBaseModel" where you would put the Texture file name? Or the elu file name. I'm not 100% sure on that, I just wanna make sure.
  7. Hey revolution can u teach me how to add custom items into ingame shop? ur weapons are good but i dont know how to add it
  8. what error.
  9. Hey Revolution
    do you have client gunz 1.5 ijji and sever??
  10. How to make weapons in blender o-o
  11. Coolio Sir , I got 1 month left.
  12. Dood, can you teach me the ways of teh blender? Lol, I'm not that good at GTK anymore but I still remember a lot, if you'd like in exchange I could teach you to GTK.
  13. hey, are you good at setting up

    DDoS protection
    XXAMP protection

    for websites ?
  14. hey Revolution
  15. hey so do you think u can help me and metalgunz?
  16. Meng, I got a better Gunz that's out with actual VB forums, and pro coders and staff. You interested in deving? AmericanGamerZ
  17. Ghaa, I might be able to get some Nulled VB forums. And other than that yeah the VPS is the only problem. We had one but it didn't have the right OS, Framework, SP or anything else lol, the dude who ordered it ordered it wrong.
  18. Ah. Server name is asdasd (I have a friend who has a Runescape server for it, and we are also getting a WoW server too) but I'm mainly focusing on the GunZ aspect.

    I'm currently using a free forum (No money for VB, yes I know that right there probably deters you greatly from helping me) and the VPS we had didn't have the right specs in it, so we gotta wait even longer to get a VPS. I'm making xml, mrs, gfx, and plenty other edits to the client aswell, including custom sounds, interface, buttons, in-game commands, chat coding, etc.
  19. Server details as in?
  20. Sobro, you wanna work for me at a server I'm making?
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