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  1. Hey,
    I know you're not active anymore on this website, neither do we talk at Skype anymore (not even sure if I have you as my contact).
    I just wanted to say 'Thank you very much' for everything that you did for me and ofcourse for HabMoon, I really appreciate all the hard work you did for the months you where active (christmas, easter '13) and ofcourse all the designs and stories you made last year and the years before that haha. Anyway, I hope you're doing well and log in sometimes at HabMoon haha, Further won't be deleted :P.
  2. Nah, it's more for my own learning ability's. When I ever thinking about put it on the web for others to visit I turn to you for helping with graphics and stuff, hihi;3. Sure, hope to see you there!
  3. Haha it's pixelated too. But it's without the sulake rights and everything so no copyright infrigment stuff anymore (;
  4. Haha well your always welcome, it's great to see some people from the past back in HabMoon, they haven't forgotten about us and I think that's something I can be proud of. I'm developing my own game at the moment which is pretty far actually (walking, chatting, inventory, items, etc) but the design is just horrible lol. Yeah the events was pretty fun, key to the heart to save the love in HabMoon haha.
  5. Omgosh even a message from 2010 xd
  6. Sebasjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3'
    Those messages are really old lol, you even had a rank after that' But hi o/ I talked with arnii about you the other day on skype haha. Talking about the 'Uit het oog, niet uit het hart'- valentines event :D
  7. I said MOD space, not the function as mod, just the rank itself (making events>creating furni/images/news>sometimes pick up the CFH's. etc) . I don't got you MSN anymore so PM it. (:
  8. There's a MOD space available.. So if you have enough time and want it? ....
  9. Hmm k. :p Now you say so I think you had an hard time at school so you played less and because of that you weren't online anymore so I removed your rights, d/k. xD

    Mweh 5 years isn't enough yet, it's still great fun too make new stuff for it and all. So I'm not done yet :)
  10. Btw yes I became an real dick, because in 5 years of retro and having 'virtual-friends' you see them leave without a reason or those focking faggots who say they wanna help and than trying to hack/take over/screw the whole game up.

    I learned enough in those years. And sure you (and arnii) have always really supported and helped me, thanks for that.
  11. You left, cause I remember asking Diederik or w/e whatever you've been up to and he said you'd been working on another retro (or made one yourself?) not sure anymore what he asked. Why would I fire you when you did like everything I asked, for HM.
  12. I don't think it was because of an casino, cause those are just allowed from the beginning.
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    Very nice newsheaders mate.
  14. Well thanks, it's great to hear that you've worked for "me" without regret :).
    And like you always helped and still help me i want to do something back, so yeah.. If your still interested, than im a new crew member! ;-)
    No javascript! I'm able to say that out of experience.. Flash, shockwave, or java are the best things to make a game in. For me its shockwave :P
  15. My good old friend :$. Long time no speak'
    And show me a preview of your new game :o..

    And sure you can always help me haha, but will speak you later about that @ msn.

    Ohhyeah and now i know who you are and never had the chance to say this before: Thanks Sebas. For everything you did for me and HabMoon the last couple of years. I'm very thankfull for that and me, HabMoon and the users who played it really appreciated all the thing you did. And, maybe in the future, we'll meet again.. On a new project ;-)
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