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  1. Can you send me install references and price :=)
  2. Custom client lol. Thats pretty easy. Provided you have your own images etc.. Anyway, the server runs only under windows from what i know. I have personally tested it only in win 7 32bit using mssql 2008 r2. It should work in other os as well but dont take my word for it.
  3. Quote Originally Posted by PanKJ
    What exactly do you want, what are the copmuters specs and what do you offer?
    I have dedicated server win or lin. Whats best comp. specs. for server. Do you make custom client?

  4. Hello,
    Do you sell ace online full installation service?
  5. I think this stuff is already upped. Did you download a proper ep3 release (like jareds spoonfed stuff)? As for pandea mapinfo table, just copy paste other entries and change the names/nums. Most of these values arent used at all after all. Noones got the original db from what i know if thats what you ask tho.
  6. my version is and now work w/o problem.
    just i need the ti_mapinfo with every map of pandea ( coronado, barreland, sunshine born, robenia ) have you this db ? can you upload for me ?
  7. Which client are you using?
  8. Hello PankJ, I have a little problem, i've on the server EP3 and the corresponding client, but when I login I get the game window of choise of the gear all black.
    I'm in the game from log of the server. why i have black window of choise gear ?

    Thank so much for your help
    P.S. sorry for my bad english i'm italian and google translator is broke :)
  9. Hi guys id been busy and its now that i checked these messages.
    Anyway since i suppose youve solved most of them by now pm me if you still have problems.
  10. please panKJ, i need upgrade ep2 to ep3, i dont konw how, i need you help, you know, im not know

    my adress is please, i need help... YOU HELP!!!!!!............ SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH, I FROM ARGRNTINA
  11. [DB Error] fail to connect DBServer(CAtumDBManager::Connect2DBServer_) !! ,0 - Also that :O
  12. Hello there ive been reading nearly all your post but well didnt find a clue wth is wrong with my "setup" im getting constant Load Configuration Error - caused by ? (IM,LOG) Field and Pre is running fine tho...
  13. Ok, this worked, but now he isn't able to "InitDBTable()".
    I will try for myself at first, but thanks, your guide worked :)
  14. All the bins configs etc are ok and they work for everyone. What you gotta do is check: mssql users/logins, odbc settings and mssql config manager settings Are these ok? Ive posted a guide about users/logins in the guides subforum.
  15. Hello!
    I wanted to ask you if you could please re-upload the .sma and .dat Files, cause your link of 2 days ago didn't work for me.
    Oh, and may you could answer an other question for me: Always when I try to start my PreServer I get this Error in Log-File:
    01-13 18:14:08|[DB Error] fail to connect DBServer(CPreIOCP::IOCPInit_) !!,9979 atum2_db_account atum callweb
    01-13 18:14:14|[Error] PreServer IOCPInit Error
    I know what it means, but my connection is 100%ly right. So I don't know where's the problem.
    Could it be that I need other .exe-Files for Field, Log, ... that I use a.t.m.? (The Files I use are EP3 [SERVER UPGRADE DEC 09])

    Hope you may could help me :)

  16. You mean to import them into an ep2 db? Theres already a db like this in the spoonfeed release by jared.
  17. hi friend, im fix the problem with normal users count (problem in dat files of maps),

    now, i have very cuestions, how to make ep3 BD????
    and, how insert items in the DBs?for examp, armors, wepons, ep3 files, etc
    and, how insert items in the DBs?for exampl, armors, wepons, ep3 files, etc
  18. Look, tried to cennect to your server but there was NO connection. I pinged your ip but it didnt response so i suppose its a network problem and theres probably nothing i can do about it.
  19. hello. my name is cristian. I live in Argentina. I created a server because you already ragezone. my problem is that: the accounts 0 (normal users) do not work.
    only work 128, 255, 404. I tried 125 (normal users) and does not work.
    I could not connect to admin-tool.

    please. I need help. sorry for my English. Greetings from Argentina

    mmmm, look,
    128 admin count = found
    256 GM count = found
    0 normal users = not found

    my ip hamachi is

    try these accounts: name: test pass: test type account 0
    name: test2 pass: test2 type account 128

    my ip hamachi is iĀ“m use flysis client, ver,,
    use the count test pass test type account 0
    count null pass null .... account type 125

    I do not go to ep3 ep2

    my e-mail adress is
  20. Everyone who wants ep3 look for the files in this thread. There are both the config files and the db i used.
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