Back from the dead.... <3

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    Back from the dead.... <3

    Haven’t been back on here in years!!! Used to LOVE this forum!!! Spent all my younger years on here learning so much, making private servers, etc. good ol days forreal. Used to be a mod, also was 1st to start creating LaTale developments. Used to love the Maplestory section, OSRS, and Habbo Hotel.

    Nice to see all you new guys on here still fighting the good fight!

    I wish I was in the Legends group :D Hope you all have a great day!

    Also.... RIP Akaruz! Gone but never forgotten <3

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    Re: Back from the dead.... <3

    Welcome back man. Same here. Got busy with life and working for a software company for almost a decade now. I was also moderating Ran Online section back in the days and had my server.

    This forum is a big part of my adult life. Learned a lot here.

    Stay safe out there!