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    happy Adding Contribution Points - In Game - No Edit

    Contribution Points Tutorial

    Hi there, so I checked a few topics but they didn't worked really well for me. And then I remember this is a really old version of the game. So we don't have Witch's Delicacy yet. In order to add contribution points in general chat you type :

    .bag add 9709 (number)

    For example, .bag add 9709 2000 , this will give you 2000 "DISH WITH POORLY PREPARED INGREDIENTS" and then you will return it to the npc for cp . I dont know if there is a limit for cp , but I got myself 500 Contribution Points and it didn't give any problems or errors. FYI , when you are exchanging the item, your bag can't be "too heavy". So , don't add 1000000000 items. Add around 10k-20k and you will be fine. Repeat the proccess a couple times and boom you wil have 500 or more points.

    This forum and @Ledie helped me a lot so I thought I should share and help too. Hope you guys like it, enjoy the game.
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    Re: Adding Contribution Points - In Game - No Edit

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    Great tutorial, i've forgot about this way of got CP. <3
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    Re: Adding Contribution Points - In Game - No Edit

    you can also just add contribution exp directly. the highest i found was 1000EXP, it's id is 440. if you want to add heaps you can also just doo //bag add 440 1000 (or more, since the more CP you have the less points you get for the same amount of exp (i t hink))