Black Desert *MUzation*

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    idea Black Desert *MUzation*

    The best MMORPGs I ever played are Mu Online (private classic servers) and Black Desert.
    I have a project to turn Black Desert progress system's more like Mu Online's, hence MUzation.

    The idea is to implement a progress system with:
    - 4 Attribute types, or more (Strength, Agility/Defense, Vitality, Energy/Magic).
    - Attribute points received after each and every level up, which you can distribute between the stats.
    - A reset system just like Mu's, where you must reset your character after reaching the max level. When you reset, your char goes back to lvl 1 and your attributes reset as well (you lose all the points that you added on them), but you receive a few attribute points that you can spend right away, if you want. You get more and more att points after each reset, for example: 100 points per reset, so: 1 reset = 100 pts, 5 resets = 500 pts, and so on. The should be a table with specific numbers like: from 1 to 50 resets you get 100 att pts per reset, from 51 to 100 resets you get 70 att pts per reset, etc. The attribute points should NOT be acummulative, but go back to base stat after each reset.
    - All spots would be adjusted to have a difficulty according to your attribute stats. For instance, one would only be able to grind on Elric Shrine with a certain amount of Strength and Agility, achieved after a certain amount of resets.
    - All skills (no exception) would be learned only with a scroll, an item you can buy from NPCs in the cities, or drop from monsters.

    Please, help me brainstorm and improve the idea.

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    Re: Black Desert *MUzation*

    Hi. I think is possible to create some things, but others one i'm not sure. Also that's great, new brains is allways good and welcome.

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    Interesting ...
    But this will take a lot of work, but if it works, it's something new.
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