MMORPG Extra - Section Rules [IMPORTANT]

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    MMORPG Extra - Section Rules [IMPORTANT]

    MMORPG Extra - Section Rules [IMPORTANT]
    Welcome to the MMORPG Extra section and sub-sections! In here, you can find released files which don't belong in any other sections. However, also here are a set of section rules which you need to follow when posting a thread/comment.

    General Rules (count in EVERY sub-section)
    1. Bumping threads is not allowed, however as some sources are still usefull you are allowed to bump a thread when you want to post something that contributes to the thread.
    2. Selling your server files (/hosting, etc) on RaGEZONE is strictly prohibitted. This also counts for trading server files.
    3. Do not post threads requesting hosting, private servers, etc.
    4. When you like someones release, development, or post, don't post responses such as "Thank you" - but instead give the person a like or some rep.
    5. Do not off-topic post. Keep your post constructive and informative.
    6. The root and sub-sections are not places to advertise your private server. Such threads will be infracted and deleted.

    Releases sub-section rules
    1. You may post server files that are not on RaGEZONE yet.
    2. Make sure your download is working when you release something.
    3. Asking for help in a release thread is allowed, but make sure the help request is related to the files in the release thread.

    Help sub-section rules
    1. When posting a help thread, give it a proper title.
    2. Always give a good description of the problem you are experiencing.
    3. Give the thread a tag regarding the game you need help with. For example: [Soldier Front 1], [ Tribal Wars], etc.
    4. Add a hyperlink to the released server files you are using, if it is applicable.

    Request sub-section rules
    1. Always check if there isn't already a release out here on the forum
    2. Make sure there isn't already an existing thread with the same request
    3. Give sufficient information about the server file you are requesting. When you are requesting software please provide a link to information about said software, whether it be to a Wiki page, if the software is no longer commercially used, or the Official webpage, if it is still in service.

    Development sub-section rules
    1. Only start a development thread if you are actually going to release it.
    2. Keep your thread updated with changes you make.
    3. When posting to a development thread, make sure you follow the development project guidelines.

    Team Recruitment sub-section rules
    1. You MUST include a tag in front of your thread title which game you are searching members for, such as [Habbo], [MapleStory], etc.
    2. You may only open a thread if you already own a server - requesting someone for a server or a merge is not allowed.
    3. You may only post a thread here if you are looking for staff - you are not allowed to post your resume in the section. Browse the excisting threads instead.
    4. Do not bump someone else's thread. Only the owner is allowed to bump his thread every 24 hours.
    5. If you post a thread recruiting members; this may only be for a PRIVATE SERVER, forums, websites etc. without the intention of running a private server, will be infracted and have their thread removed.
    6. Include enough information within your thread - small simple threads with almost no content will be deleted. Put some effort into it.
    7. You may not ask people to register at your site first before they can apply. Threads like this will be handled with.

    Thread Requirements
    Title: A descriptive title about your thread, including the tag of the game you search staff for.
    Introduction: Introduce your thread with a bit about your server, what you want, etc.
    Available Positions: Within the thread, state which positions you have open, and how many people you want for it. Also state the requirements for people who want to apply.
    Website/Links: If you have a website, or for example a YouTube channel with information, make sure you link it so people can get a feeling of your server before they apply.
    Contact Information: Leave a way for people to contact you with their applications or questions. For example, you can tell people to send you a PM via the forums, or you could leave your skype and/or email address in the thread.

    Sponsoring Rules
    If you want to sponsor your server for people to run their server on, make sure you follow these rules before posting
    1. You must provide server specifications of your server.
    2. Give enough information about the games you want to sponsor, what you expect in return, what you offer, etc.

    Use of the report button
    If you see someone breaking one of these rules, make sure you report the post. In no case are you allowed to take the matter in your own hands, so don't comment things such as "Wrong section". This will be considered as spam. Also, if you see threads with dead links, the same counts.

    Of course, also here the Global Forum Rules still count - so make sure you give them a read if you haven't already. The rules are subject to change without prior notice.

    If you have any suggestion for a rule in this section, or if you have any questions, you can always send a member of the MMORPG Extra Moderation team a private message.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    RaGEZONE - MMORPG Extra Moderation Team
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    Re: MMORPG Extra - Section Rules [IMPORTANT]

    Be sure to put Title Tags such as [Name_of_the_game] in the Title of your thread.
    Do Not ask a "different" help question in someone else's thread.

    Please put details, screenshots, logs, what ever you can. This will help others understand your problem or request.
    It makes helping you easier and understanding what your issue is clearer.

    Thank you
    MMORPG Extra Staff
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