[ELYON] iElyon Private Server|EXP 10x|Drop 10x|9 profession

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    shout [ELYON] iElyon Private Server|EXP 10x|Drop 10x|9 profession

    Hi everyone!
    Elyon Private Server is now open!
    Register an account and get 999,999 mall points

    Location: USA
    Time: UTC
    Language: English
    Rates: x10 EXP, x10 Drop Rate
    Free Game Mall Nine game Professions

    3 servers
    - AMD EPYC 7371 16
    -Core 3.10GHz
    - 128GB RAM
    - 1Gbit network
    - 1 game channels available, more can be added if needed

    We will work hard to balance the game and continue the passion of ELYON!
    Welcome to join us

    For more detailed information and pleasant reading,
    please read our official news post.
    For any bug reports or technical support,
    please visit our Discord or contact support.

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    So far so good , server works great now , rates are good and you got 999,999 cash shop points to buy anything you want .. having a blast so far
    Definitely recommend it +

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    Hmm how can the server be located in the USA and the timezone is UTC
    That don't add up

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    because the server location before was china

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    Server location sea or china. If You have cosmic latency it's ok for this server.

    Before project have problem with stability.

    Dev or Adm from China - any have normal support here

    On web add payment system, you get 999k cash only for this time. I think server waiped after some test.

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    game looks nice, but the way it seems to be i dont see it last for long, seems too have too much p2w in it.

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    Server has entered "public beta" which is basically the final product, no longer has Free Game Mall (you can still get some Ruby from daily quests but the amount is underwhelming imo) and rates have been reduced to 5x.
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    yeah, the way the game is I don't see it lasting for too long.