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    [Lineage 2] L2Ertheia | 6x rates | Ertheia version | EN/RU |

    Server Launch: 16.12.2022 - 18:00 UTC+2
    Open Beta Test: 9.12.2022 - 18:00 UTC+2

    Server location: Europe
    Game version: Lineage 2 - Ertheia
    Platform: L2OFF (retail files)

    Website: https://www.l2ertheia.eu/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/BGvFWCAMS8

    • EXP/SP: 3 -> 6x (dynamic rate)
    • RB XP/SP: 1x -> 2x (dynamic rate)
    • Adena: 3x
    • Drop: 1x
    • Spoil: 3x
    • RB drop: 1x
    • Quest XP/SP: 3x
    • Quest Drop: 1x
    • Quest Reward: 1x


    Server Chronicle: [EP1.0] Ertheia: Dimensional Strangers
    Server Platform: Retail like PTS server files
    Server Rates: Up to 6x (Dynamic rate)
    Antibot System: Dynamic antibot system running on client and server
    Multilanguage Client: Our server supports English and Russian version of client
    NPC Buffs: are available in every town (Buffs are Melody/Sonata/Harmony level 1 for 60 minutes and for 1-99 levels)
    D/C/B/A/S Equipment: is available in every town on Adventurer's Guide for Steel Door Coin (reward from story quests) or in Weapon/Armory/Luxory shop
    R-Grade Equipment: After reaching 85 you may trade your mentee certificate for R-Grade - Requiem / Immortal Equipment!
    Vote Reward: Ingame rewards for voting on toplists
    Ability System: Choose your path and give your character bonus abilities based on your choice
    Olympiad / Ceremony of Chaos are running with monthly cycle
    Party Macthing / Clan Entry System: Searching for party or clan is easier on our server
    Path to Awakening: rewards for leveling are enabled
    Automatic Fishing enabled for everyone to get some free XP/SP
    Mentoring System: Receive XP boost for leveling for mentoring or being mentee
    Museum Statistics: Ingame statistics of players are available in Town of Aden from NPC Arwen
    Auto-loot enabled for everyone (Raid Bosses still drop their loot on the ground)
    Offline Shop enabled for everyone in Town of Aden square
    Auction House: Buy or Sell your items through Auction House
    Beauty Shop: Make your character with unique visual style
    Retail-like class transfer quests - it won't take more than few minutes
    Maximum Clients per computer: 3
    Maximum number of members in a party: 7

    More specific informations about settings can be found on our website in features section.

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    Hello everyone!

    Account registrations are now available for everyone! We will not be deleting accounts after the Open Beta ends. Join our beta which will launch today!
    You will be able to use them on Live Server. You can also download our Ertheia client from download section.

    Do not forget to join our discord, so you do not miss any news.

    L2Ertheia Team
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    Hello everyone on RageZone!

    Today is last day of OBT. Take your time and check it out.
    Also do not forget to join discord, so you can find your party/clan before server will officialy launch on 16.12.2022 18:00 UTC+2!

    See ya in game!
    L2Ertheia Team

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    Server is live!
    We hope you will enjoy our project and have a really good time!
    Any problems with client or in-game report in ticket by creating ticket.We wish you good luck!

    See ya in game!
    L2Ertheia Team

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    It is time to announce our first event! The Raising Rudolph (xmas event)
    Event will last until 04.01.2023!
    Any information about the event:

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    - Changed required entrance amount of players for Baium, Lindvior, Antharas, Valakas, Trasken, Beleth, Anakim and Lilith to 14 players
    - Reduced stats of Scarlet Van Halisha (Nerf for HP regeneration, HP amount, P.def/M.def as it was boosted in Ertheia too much)
    - Added Adventurer's Guide NPC on Keucereus Alliance Base
    - Fixed client typo in description of skill / item for jewels
    - Increased drop rate of Rudolph's fruit from monsters
    - Removed deleting of buffs upon entry to Teredor instance
    - Adjusted prices for gamble with Shilen's Fragments from NPC Rake
    - Item Broker (auction) npc's are now spawned
    - Fixed issue with multiple Rudolph's Necklace

    Maintenance is now over. Join now! :-)
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    Dear players,
    It is time to announce our second event! Alien Invasion!

    Information video about Alien Invasion


    Event will last until 25.01.2023!Any information about the event is in the video. If you will discover anything bug related please report it in ticket Thank you for joining us and we hope you will enjoy this event with bountyful rewards!

    - Alien Invasion Event started
    - Fixed Spezion instance lockdown
    - Changed despawn time of solo Kartia from 0 min to 3 min (that means if you get disconnected in solo kartia you have 3 minutes to reconnect and continue in your kartia)
    - Boosted quest reward "We are the friends"
    - Boosted quest reward "Gathering little power"
    - Boosted quest reward "Strange Gardener"
    - Boosted quest reward "Unknown Scent"
    - Boosted quest reward "Stuffed Ancient Heroes"
    - We are working on olympiad rework so it is for all classes and request less number of players to start it. First patch launched.
    - Fixed another batch of HTML typos
    - Fixed bug when you were able to self buff some buffs from your subclass while changing your class
    - Fixed bug with buffing specific NPC and glitching it to other players.
    - Fixed bug with offline trade disbanding whole party
    - Fixed issue with random disconnect
    - Improved connectivity from russian region (IP blocking)
    - Changed X-Mass theme for launcher
    - Minnor improvements for launcher logic

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    • - Fixed Lindvior Shooter item description
    • - Fixed 3rd class transfer quest reward showing wrong reward
    • - Fixed Shiny Alien Mask having wrong passive skill icon
    • - Fixed few system messages not showing correctly
    • - Fixed Re-Enter pass items for Spezion which wasn't working
    • - Fixed teleport provided via gatekeeper adena cost for higher levels, also reduced original price by -50%
    • - Fixed some skills description showing wrong values
    • - Fixed rare issue with L2Store Window not opening at all
    • - Fixed few Olympiad HTML typos
    • - Fixed numerous messages which had <?> symbol in text
    • - Changed character deletion time from 7 days to 4 days
    • - Increased Alien Invasion research books drop chance
    • - Increased some low level quest XP rewards
    • - Removed Stone of Destiny from L2Store
    • - Removed Chaos Essence from L2Store
    • - L2Store old sales ended new ones started

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    Good morning everyone! We have launched another event called as Hungry Horse!


    - Hungry Horse event started
    - Fixed issue with equping talismans
    - Fixed issue with few missing textrures
    - Fixed another batch of HTML mostly RU versions to match with EN version
    - Fixed issue with some starting quest were not working in party as intened
    - Fixed issue with not being able to unequip centrain pieces of armor in specific situation
    - Fixed issue with some DYEs missing from "remove" list
    - Fixed rare issue with Seven Signs quests
    - Fixed issue with few characters being stuck in loading screen
    - Fixed rare issue with clan reputation rewards were not calculated correctly
    - Fixed issue which caused that some players got kicked for "illegal action"
    - Boosted some starting quest drop items chance
    - Temporary hotfixed CoC bug with some players running around with buffs and stuff