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    Shiroi Online :: CAP130 | 15D :: SRO-R :: New/Old-School :: Latest iSRO Features

    Shiroi Online :: CAP130 | 15D :: SRO-R :: New/Old-School :: Latest iSRO Features

    ♦About Shiroi
    "Shiroi" stands for "light" because we wanted to bring some light to the SRO scene.
    Shiroi was designed and developed to be a very close representation to the current ISRO in terms of features and content while it has several features added from the old-school (e.g. specific old interfaces, old char select).
    It contains player-friendly systems in many ways - also no original feature has been disabled - everything works.
    You can access all the information you are missing from the subject on our website.
    Our game comes translated in 5 official languages of English, German, Turkish, Spanish and Arabic (change this in the launcher).

    ♦The Team
    We've got an amazing team - active, responsible and really great community members - we are always open for new suggestions and game-changes and you can talk to us on discord.
    So we are 3 developers + a few supports having way too long time of experience in all kinds of software development and other weird things (lets not forget that most of us are also experienced players of the game itself).

    ♦What makes us difference
    Shiroi is a completely new system-oriented server.
    It contains the most stable and simple form of Silkroad-R files to date - this will bring you the "new" and "cool" that classic VSRO and other files will never provide.
    Shiroi has the most up-to-date features such as new iSRO systems, new pet system, enhanced job system, latest equipment degrees (up to 15) and skills up to level 130.
    New item upgrade systems, new monsters & bosses, pets, avatars and more.
    Many great features are waiting for you.
    We run our world-servers on "BEASTS" (each machine 64-128GB RAM / 1GBPs lines) therefore also in terms of hosting we will guarantee you lag-free & low latency gameplay at all times.
    Shiroi is clean from "shit-content" and it will be always avoided at all costs.

    Configurations / Rates
    Exp| 25x
    Sp| 15x
    Gold| 10x
    Cap| 130
    Mastery(CH/EU)| 260
    Equipment degree CAP| 15 Degree
    Max Plus| 15
    Guild Limit| 32
    Union Limit| 3
    Union Chat Limit| 32
    Auto Events| Enabled
    Capture The Flag| Enabled
    Battle Arena| Enabled
    Roc Gate| Enabled
    Medusa| Enabled
    Survival Arena| Enabled
    Styria Clash| Enabled
    Dungeons| Jupiter/Baghdad/Devil's Garden/Petra
    All Region| Enabled
    Fortress war| Constantinople / Hotan / Bandit / Jangan
    Free Silk| Dungeons/Quests/Rankings
    Premium Silk| Donate
    PC Limit| 3
    Server Capacity| 4000
    Botting| Integrated Bot / Phbot / Sbot

    ♦New starting system.
    This system has been applied to prevent gold bots and support low-level players who have difficulty gathering gold. The following changes have been made:
    • Gold will not drop from monsters which are level 70 and below.
    • Pots etc will be given free until level 99.
    • Instead 3 kinds of Tokens will drop from them. These Tokens can be used to
    • exchange equipment items with the corresponding degree through the
    • Valuables Dealer NPC. There are 3 different types of Tokens (Monk Token
    • 1~3D, Soldier Token 4~5D & General Token 6~10D).
    • Tokens can be traded for other tokens. In details 3 of Monk’s Token can be traded with a Soldier’s Token. And 3 of Soldier’s Token can be also traded with a General’s Token.
    • You can exchange full blue and +8 items with tokens.
    • Goods Supplier NPC has been applied.
    • Equipment is provided to players who are under level 90 by Goods Supplier NPC.
    • Some expendables are provided by Medicine Supplier. (HP/MP Potion, Universal Pill, Purification Pill, Arrow, Bolt)

    • Job System
    We have rebuild the new job system to stock it with action and profit.
    In fact it's even better than the old system, due special goods can not be bought at some NPC and dropped for the own or a friend's character, it's not possible to cheat anymore.
    As well the recipes for crafting leave a huge space for improvements, which doesn't exist at the old job system.

    Once you selected a Job, you have to finish a few quests to gain a higher Job-Level.
    If Hunter or Thief, beginning from lv. 70 you can start to invest the Special Goods which are dropping from mobs to Consignment or Target Trading at the Trader or Smuggler NPC.
    At the Target Trading you have to activate your caravan Bugle (Trade Pet) and bring the goods to Hotan.
    At Consignment Trading your Special Goods are being loading a Caravan, once 1000 goods are reached (counting from the investments of all players) the caravan will start to run from a random town, which is announced shortly before it starts.
    The Caravan will always stay on the ways and walk to Hotan. Players of the opposite Jobclass can attack the caravan and steal the goods, so better you follow it and protect it!
    If target or consignment trade - once it's finished successfully, you receive as many Black- or Bluestones as the Goods you have invested (Hunters get Bluestones and Thieves Blackstones)
    You will get different and stronger items out of some crafting recipes, so always try your chance for better luck!

    • New Alchemy System

    We have the possibility to use the new Alchemy System with Enhanchers and Proof Stones which are used for the final gear items. Of course we do not sell those proof stones through the item mall like isro, that would be a pay2win feature and we avoid that. It's working simple for the option level of your item: Success = +1, Fail = -1.

    • New Dungeons.
    Shiroi brought new dungeons which bring a lot more fun to the game combined with awesome rewards. You can find detailed information about them below.

    •Balance Changes.
    Shiroi did huge steps on balancing Chinese & European. It is a very good approach and I am pretty sure you will agree with me once you get to play the game.

    •Quest System.
    There are some non-repeatable quests that you can take from job lv70 and more following after each 5 levels, just do them. The rewards will satisfy you enough.You can gain silk,legendary items from quests.

    •Drop System.
    You will be able to get your items by killing monsters. You can also find enhancer, awaken, magic stones in monsters easily.

    ♦New advanced fellow pets system.
    One of the best aspects of these new files is the new Fellow pets system. These pets are finally important and useful! There are Attack, Defensive, and Buff Fellows. You can choose the type that suits your preference.

    How to get Fellow pets?
    There are 2 different way to get your own Fellow pet:

    1. You can purchase one from the item mall.
    2. You can evolve a pet (even a wolf) to become a fellow pet. Simply visit any Stable NPC and click [Pet Evolution], then add the pet you want to evolve.

    Note: To evolve your pet, you require the Potion of Evolution which can be purchased at the Item Mall. Speak with a Stable NPC to begin the evolution process. You can choose one out of the Attack/Defensive/Buff types. During the evolution process, only the level is retained and the EXP is reset.

    Naming your Fellow pet.
    You can name your beloved Fellow pet with the normal way you used to name it. However, now you can also change its name simply buy a scroll named [Naming Scroll] from the item mall.

    Leveling your Fellow pet.
    To level up your Fellow pet all you need to do is hunt monsters or uniques. Keep in mind that the level of the pet cannot overpass the player's level.

    Fellow pet skills.
    Now your Fellow pet has some unique skills which can be really useful. You can check these skills and how to obtain them from the skill tab of the Fellow pet. Skill type depends on the type of the Fellow pet (Attack, Defensive or Buffing). Fellow pet skills are divided into three categories: unique, readied and item skills. The use of a Fellow's skill is determined by the Fellow's AI, and the player cannot control it. Active skills, however, can be controlled by the player. All skills have chances of activation and cooldown times. While most skills are used randomly according to the chance of activation, some skills are activated depending on the status of the Fellow or its owner.

    1. Unique Skills.

    Unique skills come with a Fellow upon summoning it. They cannot be used right away but are becoming available as the Fellow pet reaches certain levels. Active skills consume Satiety. Unique skills are automatically improved as the Fellow pet is getting in higher levels.

    1. Readied Skills.

    A Fellow comes with 2 skill slots for readied skills. These slots are also becoming available when the Fellow reaches certain levels. In these slots, you can put skills gained by hunting monsters or completing quests.
    The range of readied skills is determined by the type of the Fellow. Once a skill is readied, it can only be removed with a 'Removal Rondo'. Readied skills are not automatically improved as the Fellow attains new levels, to get improved skills all you need to do is hunt monsters and complete certain quests.

    1. Item Skills.
    Item skills are automatically assigned to slots depending on the items equipped by a Fellow. These skills are not activated by the Fellow but its owner. They cannot be improved. There are two types of items that come with skills: amulets and chokers. Amulets come with SP storage and Pick Up Items skills, and chokers allow the Fellow to enter the Berserker mode when its owner enters the Berserker mode.

    1. Removing Skills.
    You can remove readied skills from a Fellow by using the Removal Rondo. To begin the process, speak with a Stable NPC.

    Dressing your Fellow pet with items.
    On these files all Fellow pets can wear 8 different items (8 slots). You can get these items from the Stable NPC for gold and from the Item Mall as packages which give 5 of them while opening them (There are packages for 30,60 & 90 days). Items are making your Fellow Pet more powerful and some even offer some skills to it!

    Riding a Fellow pet.
    In order to be able to ride your Fellow pet you will need a Saddle item which is obtainable from the Fellow pet packages available at the item mall, once you attach a Saddle to your pet you will be able to mount it!

    What satiety is?
    Satiety is the energy Fellow pets will need in order to do certain actions. It is separated from the Fellow's HP. The maximum Satiety is different per Fellow pet. Satiety gets reduced as time is passing and Fellow pet is using skills. If your pet's satiety reaches 0 it will no longer gain EXP. Your pet can gain satiety with Fee Sacks.
    • When Satiety is 70% or higher, the Fellow pet is as powerful as a Fellow that is 10 levels higher in its normal state.
    • When Satiety is 30% or lower, the Fellow pet is as powerful as a Fellow that is 10 levels lower in its normal state.

    Level Transfer.
    A very very useful feature, now you can transfer the level of your fellow pet to a new one. All you need to do is visit Stable NPC and click [Level Transfer]. You need to have an item called Level Fellow level transfer.

    •About Alchemy.
    With the completely renewed alchemy system, you will be able to enjoy a more spacious game.
    It's working simple for the option level of your item: Success = +1, Fail = -1.

    Alchemy rates.
    Shiroi alchemy rates are custom to a very good value which keeps the server competitive while also not pissing off players.

    Enhancer & Awaken
    You can take from monster 12+ enhancers and awakens.

    Proof Stones.
    One of the most Play2Win feature, it is important to note that the alchemy in Shiroi does not require protection stones up to +5 for all degrees 12th-15th.

    • You can obtain Proof stones from all dungeon bosses.

    Max plus.
    Max plus on Shiroi will be +15.

    Advanced elixirs.
    They will be available both A and B versions. You can get them from the Craft system. Destroyed item cant give advanced elixir anymore.

    •New Crafting System.
    These new files actually bring 2 systems where you will need to struggle a bit in order to understand. These systems are the new job and crafting one. The new job system will be explained next so for now we will just take a look at the crafting system. To understand the use of it you must first understand that except your normal set, on these files you will also need a job set (12 items same with the regular ones but which attach on the job slots). The only way to get these job items is from crafting. Also like regular items these job items can have plus value and also blues. You get these from magic runes which you also get from crafting!

    Getting Started.

    1. Check Materials needed.
    Before you start crafting you will need to gather all materials needed for the specific job item you want to craft. To see what it requires simply open the craft window (Menu -> Craft), go to the item you want to craft and click craft. A window will pop-up informing you about the materials you need to gather in order to craft this item. Actually, all you need is:
    • A specific quality shining stones.
    • The job item recipe.

    2. Crafting Shining Stones.
    Before you can craft your desired job item you will need to gather a certain amount of shining stones on a specific quality. To craft shining stones open the craft window and find (Craft Shining Stone) on the second line. You will notice that in order to craft shining stones you need 1 blue and 1 black pearl (gained from target trading, you will read more about it below). Note that every time you craft 1 shining stone, one random quality shining stone will be crafted. You can't choose which quality stones you craft it is random!

    3. Crafting Job Item Recipe.
    After collecting the shining stones amount required the next step is getting the recipe of the job item you want to craft. To do this open the craft window, find (Craft Production Material) on the last line. You will see that as a hunter you will need 1 blue stone and a certain amount of shining stones same with the quality of the recipe you want to craft in order the craft the job item recipe. After getting both the shining stones needed and the job item recipe you're ready to go!

    4. Crafting Job Item.
    You are now ready to craft your desired job item. All you need to do is open the craft window and choose the job item you wanted to craft. Then a window will pop-up, all you need to do is add the crafting materials there and done your job item is now ready for use!

    5. Enhancing Job Item.
    Of course like regular items job items can also be enhanced and have blues!
    • Giving your job item blues.
    • Open the craft window and find (Craft Reinforcement/Magic Rune) on the 10th line. Then choose the magic rune you wish to craft. All magic runes will require 1 blue, 1 black pearl and 1 shining stone (same quality with the rune you want to craft). After collecting all material you can craft

    • Enhancing your job item.
    • Simply open the craft window and find (Craft Reinforcement/Magic Rune) on the 10th line. Then choose the reinforcement rune. To craft reinforcement runes you will need 1 blue and 1 black pearl! If successful, an item is upgraded by level 1. If it fails, the Reinforcement Rune disappears and enhancement level drops by level 1.


    1. Party EXP bonus improved.
    Chinese party EXP bonus increased to 20%

    2. Chinese masteries changed.
    You will now have 200 mastery points in total once you reach level 100. However note that now after leveling up 1 force mastery tree (as force we call Fire, Cold & Lightning masteries) you will have all force masteries leveled up. So if for example, you level up Fire mastery to level 50 you will have Cold & Lightning mastery leveled up at level 50 as well, it counts as 1!

    3. New Healing mastery has been added.
    1. It is actually the old Force mastery but updated with many new skills. The new skill series are written below:
    2. Cure Therapy - Heaven: Caster blesses party members and himself, protecting them from weakening, limitation and curse line debuffs for a time.
    3. Heal - True Hand: Continuously restores HP of nearby party members, the caster is not healed.
    4. Heal - Calm Hand: Continuously restores MP of nearby party members, the caster is not healed.
    5. Resurrection: Resurrects nearby party members.
    6. Heavenly Vigor: Instantly restores a great amount of HP without casting delay on self and party members.
    7. Vital Flow - Strength: Casts a strengthening buff on multiple targets which increase their phy.def.pwr. Cannot be cast on self.
    8. Vital Flow - Circulate: Casts a strengthening buff on multiple targets which increase their mag.def.pwr. Cannot be cast on self.

    4. Chinese skills improved.
    1. Cold Force, Thunder Force and Fire Force series duration increased.
    2. Cold Force, Thunder Force and Fire Force series power increased.
    3. Thunderbolt Force series number of transition increased to 5.
    4. Flame Wave series: Flame Wave – Burning, Flame Wave – HellFire frontal Area of Effect and target increased to 3.

    5. Power of certain Chinese Weapons skills improved:
    1. Bicheon Swordsmanship: Smashing Sword, Chain, Blade, Blade Force, Killing Heaven Blade, Petal Sword Dance.
    2. Heuksal Spearmanship: Annihilating Blade, Heuksal Spear, Soul Spear, Ghost Spear, Chain Spear, Flying Dragon.
    3. Heuksal Spearmanship ghost Spear series attack range increased by 1.5 m.

    6. New skills added to Chinese weapon masteries:
    1. Bicheon - Celestial Protection: Damage taken distributed among party members for a time.
    2. Heuskal- Immortal Victor: Damage taken distributed among party members for a time.
    3. Pacheon - Dragon Scale: Damage taken distributed among party members for a time.

    7. Chinese equipment stats improved.
    Attack and Magic Attack improved by 20% and 10% respectively for Chinese weapons.


    1. European equipment stats improved.
    Attack improved by 10% for European weapons.

    2. Rogue.
    1. Poison series: Poison Weapons, Vein Weapon duration increased to 12 seconds.
    2. Silent Expert series Dagger Desperate physical/magic defense penalty reduced to 70%.
    3. Dagger Charge series cooldown reduced Wounds, Mortal Wounds, Screw, Combo Blow / Butterfly Blow, Prick.
    4. Skill requirements improved: Power up skill requirements by weapon type removed for Crossbow Expert and Silent Expert series

    3. Warlock.
    1. Blood series: Blood Flower, Death Flower damage ratio improved by 30%.
    2. Dark Mentalist series damage ratio and chance for debuff improved: Blaze / Dark Blaze, Toxin / Toxin Invasion, Decayed / Dark Decayed, Curse Breath / Dark Breath.
    3. New skill added: Battle Chord: Minimum and maximum damage increased by 10%.

    4. Warrior.
    1. Skill requirements improved: Arms skill requirements by weapon type removed for One-handed Lord, Two-handed Lord and Dual Lord.

    5. Bard.
    1. Low-level attack skills improved.
    2. New skill added: Battle Chord: Minimum and maximum damage increased by 10%.
    3. Beatiful Life - Awesome World: Temporarily allows simultaneous use of skills from Dancing Concert series and Music Pleasure series (one skill from each series).

    6. Cleric.
    1. Recovery series: Healing Orbit now recovers up to 10% HP for the same level.
    2. Blessed Recovery series: Bliss Spell skill effect retained only while cleric rod is equipped.
    3. Resurrection series: Reverse Oblation buff automatically removed when skills other than buffs are used.
    4. Offering: Minimum and maximum damage increased by 10%.

    • Fortress War

    These new files offer some new fortress war items which are more than fun to use during the war. Additionally, Shiroi developers managed to implement one awesome feature which none managed to make before giving, even more, fun to the fortress war! Both features are explained below.

    Trace disabled.
    You can no longer use Trace during the Fortress War, ensuring a smooth and fair experience during the war!

    New fortress war items.
    Some very interesting fortress war items have been added. You can now use Catapults & Rams to attack the fortress! Because I tested them there is 1 thing I can say for sure and this is that they are more than useful as especially Rams deal extreme damage to the gates while being very hard to take down.

    How to get them?
    Simply open the crafting window and go to [Siege]. You can find all the crafting materials for them at all Guild Managers. After talking with them choose [Purchase/Sell guild item] and then go to [Goods]. All materials are being sold for an amount of gold & guild points.

    How to use them?
    You simply right click the scroll and you will become the machine itself. For example, as a ram you will be able to attack gates with an increased damage.

    New Job System.

    Aren't you bored playing the same job system again and again? I know the old job system is good, it reminds you of the good old times of Silkroad but enough is enough! Don't you want to try something new? How long can Silkroad survive if all the servers are all pretty much the same? So forget the old job system in Shiroi the newest and most updated job system is available! So let's talk about it, trading is largely divided into three categories Job activities, consignment, and target trading. You can choose between 2 jobs Hunter or Thief, Traders are completely removed!

    1. Selecting a Job.
    Only a Job is available per account. When one character chooses a Job, other characters on the same account automatically assume the same. Selecting a Job does not have Job level requirement, which is applied when you equip a Job outfit If you wish to change the current Job, you can speak with the Job NPC in a town to terminate the current Job. You can choose a job from the character selection screen.

    • Important and Awesome.
    If one job union has 10% or higher difference in players, the Job with the higher ratio cannot be selected. This is more than brilliant as it keeps the server really balanced. We all wanted something simillar at least we can finally have this enabled in these files!

    • Hunter.
    This Job protects caravan NPCs from the Thieves who seek to disrupt their trading and steal their goods.

    • Thief.
    Thieves rob goods from caravans and hunt down Hunters to gain profit.

    2. Job Promoting.
    Promotion is carried out in a total of 4 stages, and special effects can be obtained for each stage. Promotion can be attained through job NPCs. You can be promoted to the next stage if you reach the required Job level and provide a certain amount of Gold and Shining Stones. If a player does not apply for promotion, the player will not level up.

    3. Job Mode.
    Except for the regular mode now there is also a job mode where you also need to level your character at level 100. To level your character in job mode you can complete job activities (quests) oo kill mobs & uniques (like in the regular way). While in job mode all experience gained will only increase your job level number. Reaching a high job level is more than needed as you unlock skills, job items and stuff like these. Keep in mind that you may notice your job level getting stuck at some level. This happens because you need to promote your rank (from the Trader NPC - > Promote) in order to continue leveling!

    Note: The job exp you can't gain killing mobs

    4. Job Suits.
    Hunters and Thieves can purchase Job suits from their respective Job NPCs. You must wear a Job suit before engaging in Job activities and trading.

    Wearing Job Suits.
    You can buy hunter job suits from all the Traders(Job NPC for hunters). You can buy thieves suits

    1. Job outfits are equipped in the Job slot in the Equipment window.
    2. You must have an alias and be located in a town to equip them.
    3. You cannot wear a Job suit while in a party.
    4. When you wear a Job suit, you are automatically teleported to the town portal.
    5. The name and the level of the general character at the top of the screen are replaced with the Job alias and level.
    6. The character level displayed at the bottom of the screen is replaced with the Job level.
    7. The EXP bar at the bottom of the screen is also replaced by the Job EXP bar.

    5. Job Skills.

    • Pet Summoning Skills.
    Merchant Pipe(Required job level - 1): Summons a level 10 donkey job pet upon usage.

    Caravan Pipe(Required job level - 1): Summons a level 80 cart upon usage.

    Pouches (Pet Slots) Skills.
    Trader Sack(Required job level - 1): Uses a Trader Pouch with a space of 20 slots.

    • Crafting Skills.
    Leather Skin(Required job level - 15): Protects the transport vehicle by equipping the lowest quality leather protector. The Max. HP of the vehicle is increased.

    Iron Skin(Required job level - 71): Protects the transport vehicle by equipping a low quality steel protector. The Max. HP of the vehicle is increased.

    • Speed Skills.
    Speed Walk(Required job level - 15): Increases movement speed of the pet.

    Iron Skin(Required job level - 71): Highly increases the movement speed of the pet.

    Those skills are passive you don't need to activate them.

    6. Job Items.
    While jobbing there will be a new set of items where you will need to gather except your main set since they are increasing your character strength a lot by increasing your physical & magical defense or attack. You can get all job items from crafting.

    To see your job items, open your inventory then go to avatar slots and then click once again to see the job items slots!

    7. Job Vehicles (Pets).
    Job quests or trading requires transport vehicles, which are classified as pets for trade activities and pets for trading.

    Skills to summon Job pets.
    Merchant Pipe(Required job level - 1): Summons a level 10 job pet upon usage.

    Caravan Pipe(Required job level - 71): Summons a level 80 job pet upon usage.
    1. Both pets cannot be summoned at the same time.
    2. Pets can be summoned by using Job Skills.

    8. Jobbing.
    • Job Activities.
    Quests which are available to raise the Job level, these quests grant the player Job EXP upon completion. You can receive them by speaking with Trader NPCs. They are mainly associated with trading or thieving activities. A 'Safe Mode' is also available to protect the player from higher-level players. In this mode, you are protected from attacks by other characters whose level is higher than yours by 5 or more. However, keep in mind that you cannot do consignment and target trading in Safe Mode.

    • Consignment.
    So this is a new feature which makes jobbing a lot more active. All you need to do is:

    1. Farm specialty boxes from monsters (all monsters can drop these boxes even Mangyangs). You have more chances to drop specialty boxes while wearing your job suit.

    2. After collecting boxes you can invest them (give them) to any NPC. Once 1.000 specialty boxes have been invested from all players Consignment event will start. If thieves reached 1.000 specialty boxes thieves consignment will start if hunters reach 1.000 hunters consignment will start. A notice will appear informing you about this and telling you from which town consignment will start.

    3. Once this happens an automatic trade will start from a randomly selected town going to Hotan. Thieves can take town hunter's consignment and the opposite. So if your job's union consignment starts you need to go defend it, if the enemy job union's consignment starts you need to take it down. If a consignment is taken down none will take profit from it, if it succeeds all players who invested specialty boxes will gain profit depending on their investment (the more you invested the higher profit you will have).

    • Target Trading.
    This is the common trade system you all know about by which the character directly loads and sells specialty goods, gaining great profit upon a successful trade. To start Target Trading your character must have reached level 20. To begin a target trading, the player speaks to the right NPC (called Trader) in each town to register for target trading. The only difference is that the system tells you where to go (You can only start from Jangan, Donwhang, Samarkand & Constantinople). Nothing to be confused about Target Trading it is just the common job system you all know about.

    9. Job Rewards.
    • Stones.
    When a Hunter or Thief succeeds in a trade, he will get as many stones as the trade goods successfully traded. Hunters get blue stones and thieves black stones.

    I am a hunter and can only earn blue stones, how I am supposed to find black stones? Well, all you need to do is trade them with thieves. Everyone will need both stones to craft so it won't be that hard to find a thief to trade them with.

    You will need both black and blue stones to craft Shining Stones.

    • Pearls.
    Pearls can only be gained from target trading compared to the stones where players can obtain them both from Consignment and target trading. Hunters gain blue Pearls and thieves gain black pearls. So in order to get both, you have to deal with thieves to sell or trade black pearls to you.

    Pearls & Stones are used in crafting job items (Stones are used for crafting the job item itself and pearls for crafting magic runes & the job item recipes which are needed to craft job items).

    10. Goods.
    • Trade Goods.
    These goods are necessary for Job Quests. They can only be stored in the inventory of the transport vehicle summoned with a Job skill.

    • Specialty Goods.
    Goods required for consignment and target trading. As a regular mode, these goods can be obtained by hunting monsters (all monsters). While in a Job Mode, these can be obtained by hunting monsters or attacking the caravans of the opposing Job. Once obtained, these goods are stored in the Specialty Goods Sack, to be traded via transport vehicles exclusive to consignment and target trading.

    Important note: You have to learn the trader sack ability from the skills tab (Job mastery) so your pet can obtain specialty goods.

    11. Job Titles.
    A new and very interesting title system. Players can get job ranks (titles) by killing players which belong to the enemy job union. Titles represent rankings so you can check the top jobbers from their titles!

    Don't forget to visit
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