[Silkroad] LEON ONLINE | CAP 80 | CHINESE ONLY | OLD SCHOOL | SILK/H | G.O 08.01.2021

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    ! [Silkroad] LEON ONLINE | CAP 80 | CHINESE ONLY | OLD SCHOOL | SILK/H | G.O 08.01.2021

    [Silkroad] LEON ONLINE | CAP 80 | CHINESE ONLY | OLD SCHOOL | SILK/H | G.O 08.01.2021

    In the beginning, i have to thank you for giving us a chance and reading our thread. LEON came up with alot of thinking, our team investigated the private servers scene And made a real hard plan to decide which degree and cap suits everyone, we thought of making an old school game play for some reasons, first the old school players are the real silkroad players, which you will be entertained playing with them, that was our aim. We wanted to get those players and bring them together. secondly, old school Games was the real fun, everyone is equal and the only difference is your skills, experience and your playing style. But, unlike the other old school servers, we managed to make something really different, something unique. A server that you will never forget. A place where you make friends and a good memories. GAMEPLAY
    LEON game play is the reflection of simplicity, we didn't want to build a maze inside the server We had to make everything clear and clean, the game-play is simple like old school. we know that most of you guys will get bored in the first couple days if we left it 100% clean gaming, so instead of that, we added some interesting systems to decrease the gap between the modern and old game-play. We guarantee you a simple, old and smooth game-play.
    Our team consists of a very talented mature guys, we want you to be sure that we are not going to let you down! we are not giving up on the server, we believe that we made a perfect game-play, the team are well known in the scene, have been working for years and made many successful server {FREE LANCE} means they weren't part of the server's team, we decided to unite our capabilities and bring the best out of everyone in LEON.
    CAP 80
    We kept our eyes on the private servers scene for the last year and kept digging for the best choice, we made a small poll and looks like most people were interesting in the old school games, so why not. we are into the old school games too, we kept looking for the old school servers and see what's make it interesting and different, we came up with some wonderful ideas, we didn't really clone any idea from any server but we got some ideas and put our touch to make it even better, eventually we finished with a perfect old school game.
    • Big and active community.
    • A long term server.
    • Bugless, Lag free gaming.
    • Fair & friendly community.

    As usual, we have to start a beta phase to test everything in the server to make sure we are going to have a smooth grand opening, but keep in mind that all the beta testers will be reward as a thanks and appreciation
    DURATION: 01/01/2021 ~ 07/01/2021
    Grand Opening Grand open will take a place after the beta phase. there will be a day break after beta to finalize everything And make sure we have no problems at the launching.
    DATE: 01/08/2021 18:00 GMT+2


    • Old school game cannot consist any Europe civilization, so ofcourse we decided to allow only the Chinese characters creation, and let me tell you something, Chinese only games are way more better than Europe/Chinese, and in my opinions the best thing is the skills balance, you don't have to work months trying to balance between and Europe! so viva china!
    • The regular main town in old school games is donwhang, we didn't want to break this mainstream and kept it like this, we added all the new npcs inside the town, teleports and the fortress war so all activities will be inside the town. not only that, all other towns will be active too due to the job activities.
    • As donwhang the main town of the game, we felt that we have to add something new, something unique. we came out with the DONWHANG FORTRESS WAR idea, we didn't want to build A full mainstream server, adding new fortress war is a new challenge for the players, and its fully working without any bugs, and since donwhang is the main town, the tax gold will be great! regroup your friends now and sharpen your weapons for the battle.

    • BOTTING | ALLOWED Many server started with the csro files has failed very hard, and in my opinion the only problem was the bots, there were no bot software working on this files, so we decided to allow boting in the server because we understand that you people have a life and don't have to play 24hours a day, who wants that anyway?
    • Max Plus | +10 We couldn't leave it just like that, we had to make a max limit for the alchemy, because you know? everything is expected specially at silkroad alchemy, someone's luck might be in the sky and make a freaking high plus while some other players can't make +7 item, so we decided to limit the max plus to [+10] its fair and decent for everyone, but challenging.
    • Advanced Elixirs Who need advanced elixirs in a old school server? no one right? so we decided to complete remove and disable it, its your time to show the others your skills in alchemy now, remember that the max plus is +10 so you have to reach it without and advanced.
    • EXP & SP Experience rate won't be your biggest fear, we didn't make it very hard to reach the max level, at the same time we didn't make it easy so its custom, you will be having fun making party with your friends over night plvling right?
    • GOLD Gold drop rate is very custom, we didn't want to increase it much so people have to rush to make trade and make the job more active, and more entertaining.
    • DROP Items drop rate is suitable for the experience rate, not over but decent. you won't find gbots who picking items and sell at npc to make gold, because all items price is not expensive. just enough for your pots.
    • JOB We increased the job rates to make the job activities more entertaining for all players, Also you won't face any difficulties leveling up your job level to equip the new job suits. so, are you ready for the hype?
    • ALCHEMY Alchemy is one of the most entertaining systems in silkroad history, to be honest we didn't make it easy XD, you will be challenged to reach a high plus Alchemy is 1x the same as old silkroad, now your turn to show your alchemy skills.

    I want to explain something before we start talking about our features. The System of the game is job-based, however, it’s also based on unique The hunting, that means if you're a Unique addict, you will be able to spend your time collecting precious items, also if you’re someone who’s great at business that loves collecting gold and decent items, our game will allow you to do that! The system is based on the players volition, we guarantee that you will be having fun here!
    START ITEMS To give you a boost in your journey, we adding a wonderful loot that definitely will be a helpful in your road to the glory, this items will remain as start items forever so don't hesitate to change your character anytime.

    We don't have to talk much about this, because you guys already know it, and it has also been released thousands of times on many other servers. it works when you level up, your equipment will automatically be pimped to the level you've reached [sos +3].

    To help you stack you items, stones and loot. we increase the capacity of items stack to the max, you won't face any problems regarding your inventory slots now. some items has stack of 1000, and others has stack up to 10,000!

    We made a tough regarding the SOX balance, we didn't want OP items and weapon which will lead to unbalanced gaming, so we decidedto settle on only 2 tybes of SOX wich is {SEAL OF MOON & SEAL OF LEON}.
    SEAL OF MOON:We increased the seal of moon items to be [LAST TIER +2] with a little bit increased reinforces.HOW TO OBTAIN?You can obtain the seal of moon items from all monsters level (64~80) as a drop with a decent rate.SEAL OF LEON:We increased the seal of leon items to be [LAST TIER +3.5] with a little bit increase reinforces.HOW TO OBTAIN?You can obtain the seal of leon items from the SOX npc located at donwhang, the needed currency to buy itis (ARENA COINS & GOLD COINS)

    You can obtain the seal of leon shield from forgotten world talismans collection, you can buy the dimension holes with gold at the GOLD NPC located at donwhang.

    ♦COINS We know you don't want a coin based server, so you won't face this problem because we have only 2 coins, which is the common coins in all servers (ARENA COINS - GOLD COINS).
    HOW TO OBTAIN ARENA COINS: You can obtain arena coins from the regular method like BATTLE ARENA, but instead of letting battle arena dominates the rewarding we also added the arena coin as a reward from CAPTURE THE FLAG event, each player you kill will give you one coin, and the winner team will get one coin, not only that you can get arena coins from killing all uniques, the higher unique level, the more coins he drops.
    HOW TO OBTAIN GOLD COINS: The only way to get gold coin is by jobbing, each trade you deliver as a trader or protect as a hunter or steal as a thief will reward you with some gold coins, the more contribution you make, the more gold coins you get!
    ♦NEW SCROLLS We decided to add some useful scrolls that MUST be added in the server to suit the nowadays needs.

    • PREMIUM REMOVER Since there are different kinds of premiums in the server , we managed to add this scroll so you don't have to wait 28 days or less to finish your premium time. this scroll will help you to remove your premium so easily with just 1 mouse click.
    • JOB PENALTY REMOVER We understand that you want to play a different job types in one character, so you don't have wait 7 days to change yourJob tybe, with this scroll you will be able to reset your penalty in one second.
    • GUILD PENALTY REMOVER We undersand that you don't want to wait 3 days to be able to join another guild, time is gold right? you can use this scroll to reset your guild penalty time.
    • SKILL RESET SCROLL Many players love to change their build once a while, so this scroll will help you to reset your stat point! its easy to change your character build now..
    • STAT RESET SCROLL Also, you can't just reset your stat point right? you need to change mastery build right xD This scroll will reset your mastery level to 0 and it will give you enough skill point to max your skills again.
    • AVATAR BLUE REMOVER Do you hate when you use wrong blues in your avatars right? no more worries! you can now remove all blues from your avatar and re-use it and fill your needs!
    • DEVIL GENDER SWITCH Do you hate when you buy wrong devil from item mall? don't worry you can now change you devil spirit gender! Use this scroll to immediate change gender.
    • AVATAR GENDER SWITCH Did you change your character gender? no more silk to buy new avatar? don't worry we got you ;). you can now change your avatar gender with this scroll, simple and fast.
    • PET NAME CHANGER Not a very important scroll, but some people love to name their pets to their real pets name, we made this scroll so you can change it any time.

    ♦SPECIAL TITLES You don't have silk to get title? its ok! you can get special titles with some tasks.

    • The player with the most kills in job will be rewarded with special title.
    • The player who make the highest pluses will be rewarded with special title.
    • The player with the highest amount of gold in his inventory will be rewarded with special title.
    ♦NEW PORTS We have a new teleport in donwhang, we added new unique areas with a precious drops.
    JOB TEMPLE You will find level 80 monsters inside the temple, they drop seal of moon items with a higher chance from the regular monsters in the original map.
    UNIQUE ARENA There will be normal uniques appearing there, all those uniques dropping arena coins, so don't miss the opportunity to get the kill!

    ♦UNIQUES DROPS We added a precious drops from all uniques to make uniques hunting more interesting and challenging for all players, it will be intense battle to get the kill now.

    ♦GAME POLICE To prevent buggers from destroying the fun in the game, we added some delays and limits to make a fair gaming.

    • Exchange delay
    • Exit & Restart delay
    • Drop goods at town disabled
    • Auto attack bug disabled
    • Berserk bug disabled
    • Global chat delayed & Restricted to level 60
    • Attack pet disabled during FW
    • Drop items inside towns {SAFE ZONE} is disabled.

    ♦SKILLS BALANCE We nerfed all OP skills to match the other builds, all skills and builds are tested and matching perfectly, we are leaving you the rest of testing at the beta phase, you will like what we did. Also STR players cannot use SNOW SHIELD anymore because it requires a certain INT points which is impossible for pure STR players to get.

    ♦NPCS We added a various special npcs to suit the systems, and make the game more interesting.

    • AVATARS NPCLOCATION: DONWHANGGOODS: Sells all avatars, old and new.

    • TITLES NPCLOCATION: DONWHANGGOODS: Sells the titles scrolls.

    • PURCHASE WITH GOLD NPCLOCATION: DONWHANGGOODS: Sells different items with normal gold.
    • JOB SUITS NPCLOCATION: DONWHANGGOODS: Sells new special job suits.
    • NEW ATTACK PETS NPCLOCATION: DONWHANGGOODS: Sells all new attack pets.

    ♦CHARACTER EFFECT Those unique scrolls will give you character a unique shinning effect, you have many colors to choose from. it doesn't give you any special thing, its just cosmetic.
    Like we said old is gold, we changed the UI and brought back the old game design, we wanted to make you feel like playing in the old silkroad, where everything were really different from now.

    • OLD BAR The old bar is the one with the old experience rate and old buttons as well as the skill points bar, this was gold right?
    • OLD ALCHEMY WINDOW Do you remember the old fancy alchemy window? yes! we brought it back. now you can enjoy your alchemy in a real old school style.
    • OLD EXCHANGE Yes, you saw it right! we changed the new exchange window style and added the old one with the small size and vintage style.
    • OLD MAP We removed the new high degree maps and replaced them with the old silkroad map which contains only the main cities.
    • OLD CAPES You will find the old capes at the grocery shop, with the old 5 colors, it brings back a vintage memories.
    • OLD JOB SUITS You will find the old job suits at all job npcs, you can purchase it with gold only.

    ♦EXTRA In this section we are going to show you some extra stuff that is not very necessary but had to be written in the thread so you have the complete full idea of the game.

    • Silk Per Hour We said before we don't want a pay2play server, so we decided to add silk per hour beside the automatic events, so you can get much silks without any donation! you will get 1 silk every hour.
    • Academy We don't want a full botters and fake academy characters, it is useless right? people will abuse it, so we decided to remove the academy and disable it.
    • Vigor Vigor wasn't needed in the old school, everyone is equal. if you wanna fight, then fight like man with only your HP potion.
    • Plus Notice A fancy notice will appear with your name and your item name when you make plus 7 or higher, do you best now!
    • Skills Duration Don't you just hate when you die and rebuff all your skills again? its ok we feel the pain, we increased all skills time to be infinity, it will be refreshed automatic, even if you teleported or even logged off.
    • Guild Creation You don't have to struggle now to level up your guild to level 5, because all guilds will automatically be level 5 once it create.
    • Emotions You will find a pretty fancy emotions which lasts for 24 hours, drops from all uniques. you can use it as a normal scroll, store it or even sell it.
    • Elixirs effect We changed the elixirs effect from the regular yellow to match the elixirs colors, so you don't feel confused while picking it from the floor.
    • Europe Uniques We changed the Europe uniques {CERBERUS & CAPTAIN IVY} spawn spots because Samarkand and Constantinople are disabled, and instead of removing them we added a new spawn spots.
    ♦ONLINE EVENTS We added 12 automatic event, you will never get bored playing the server, all events will be rewarding you with silk, totally play2win right? that's what we wanted to build, a fully play2win server, everyone is equal

    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to search for GM in-order to win the event. REWARD: 20 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to find the unique and kill him in-order to win the event. REWARD: 20 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to try to reach the number that the bot announced in-order to win the event. REWARD: 20 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, register and bot will teleport you, the most unique killer will be the winner.REWARD: 50 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to teleport to the survival arena and start killing players, the player with the most kills will be the winner. REWARD: 30 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to move to the GM character at specific place, and start killing it, the player who hit last hit will be the winner. REWARD: 30 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, move to the specific area which the bot will say, he will drop items and ask you to make a certain plus, first one who reach it will be the winner. REWARD: 40 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to register and the bot will start the event. REWARD: 50 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, all you will do it to register, the bot will choose random person and he will be the winner. REWARD: 20 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to equip your job suit and start killing opponents, the player with the most kills will be the winner. REWARD: 35 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to re-arrange the word and send it to the bot, first one who make it right will be the winner. REWARD: 20 SILK


    • DESC: Once you see the notice announcement, you have to answer the question, first person who answer correct will be the winner. REWARD: 20 SILK
    ♦WEBSITE FEATURES. We have added too many features on our website to help every player & Of course it is useful for the players!

    • Top players based on item points.
    • Top guilds based on total item points.
    • Job ranking.
    • Top unique killers.
    • Account panel (Change password / Change E-Mail, Characters)
    • Detailed Rev6 system.
    • PvP Logs.
    • Web Shop.
    • User Panel.

    ♦OFFLINE EVENTS You can use one of our signatures to be rewarded with 100 silk! comment in the thread with your charname to claim your prize.