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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    [PC Gallery]
    Loosening it is not even possible with Socket 775, is it? You just click on the pens and it's stuck.

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    Quote Originally Posted by Shortor View Post
    Loosening it is not even possible with Socket 775, is it? You just click on the pens and it's stuck.
    Not all coolers have those tabs that is why. :1:

    Like with my water block, it uses screws and nuts. A lot of other 3rd party coolers are like that also so they can be used on both Intel and AMD setups.

    NoPeace - out
    Quote Originally Posted by DonTonberry View Post
    Then We Can Throw Cyber Confetti And Have A Cyber Wedding Reception At Some Cyber Function Hall, While All The Cyber Guests Eat Cyber Food And Drink Cyber Alcohol.

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    Quote Originally Posted by rappelz15 View Post
    I just have this stupid thing......... lol

    Alien ware = RIP-OFF

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    I thought let's get this topic back in action so here are a few pictures of my PC.

    A bit blury i know.

    And a picture of my Monitor+PC.

    And i agree with the post above me.

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    my computah
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.2ghz [OC'd from 2.4GHz]
    GPU #1: EVGA 8800GTS G92 @ 650MHz/1940MHz
    GPU #2: EVGA 8800GTS G92 @ 650MHz/1940MHz
    Motherboard: EVGA 680i A1
    Memory: OCZ Reaper 8GB (4x2GB), DDR2 800MHz
    Hard Drive #1: Western Digital Raptor X 150GB SATA
    Hard Drive #2: Western Digital Caviar 320GB SATA II
    Sound Card: Razer AC-1 Barracuda
    Optical: Pioneer DVD-RW Black
    CPU Cooling: Zalman CNPS9700NT
    Case: SilverStone KL02B-W
    Power Supply: Tagan TG-700BZ 700W
    Monitor: Samsung 226BW 22" WS LCD
    Speakers: Sennheiser HD-25 Headphones
    Accessories: Xbox 360 Pad, Zboard, Windows Vista Ultimate X64

    hidden shot of me on that last one1 ;o hehe

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    8800GTS 512MB uses G92 while the 8800GTS 340/640MB uses G80. G92 runs cooler, overclocks better and is smaller which cost less. G80 is the opposite of the G92.

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    Re: [PC Gallery]


    CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    GPU #1: EVGA 9800GTX
    Motherboard: ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI ATX Intel
    Memory: OCZ Reaper 4GB (2x2GB), DDR2 800MHz
    Hard Drive #1: Ancient WD Raptor 32gb
    Hard Drive #2: Seagate 500GB sata300
    Sound Card: Integrated :(
    Optical: Samsung poo dvd-r/rw
    CPU Cooling: Zalman Duo Orb
    Case: Antec Twelve Hundred
    Power Supply: mushkin 550300 800W PSU Modular
    Monitor: Samsung T220HD 22Inch WS
    Speakers: Sennheiser PC151's

    Ill get some pics up when i decide to stop being so lazy and put the rest of it together.

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    Sorry for not posting pictures a the moment, But you guys are sick! i mean, look at those machines... And i thought that mine was good. AMG.

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    Quote Originally Posted by fatslob222 View Post
    Pffft. You guys don't impress me one bit. You reckon you're all so good with your fancy SLIs and shit. Heres a fucking SLI for yo bitches! Thats right. The nub with 5 year old desktop hardware is about to own any SLI you throw at him. Like, just look at these hard core SLI skillz.

    Like, check out this pure hardcore SLI. This one totally runs one Toshiba M500, with a fully sick onboard Intel 945GM that has 128MB of shared memory! Which is coupled with a Dell 4550 running a MX440, like totally with 128MB of video memory! Like, SLI to the MAX! Thats right. Drool as much as you all like.

    And right here, i got a totally full hardcore capable Dell 4550 with a whole 768MB OF RAM!!! Like, suck shit! I laugh in the face of all you people with a 4GM of memory!! Like, i have 768MB!!! Like, totally owned. Im also running a 2.0GHZ P4. Like Quad Core. I dont see PENTIUM in that!!! Haha. I put turd on any computer you think is good! With my stock case, and my mismatching disk drives, the cooling in that thing is gonna kick all your asses. Thats right. DROOL!

    Thats right. All you SLI super cool people out there, you got owned by a nub and his two computers sitting next to each other. Btw, i hope you all realise im taking the piss, because if you dont, your pretty dumb.
    ZOMG! What he said lol! Ir buying toshiba cos of teh IGC! Hehe awesome post anyway xD

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    Well, here's my half finished new rig!

    CPU: [Intel] [Q6600] @ [2400MHZ Stock]
    GPU: [Gigabyte] [8400GS] @ [567MHZ]/[500MHZ] * Upgrading to HD4870 *
    Motherboard: [Asus] [P5E Deluxe - Rampage BIOS]
    Memory: [Kingston] [800MHZ] [2GB] *Upgrading to 4GB *
    Hard Drive: [Western Digital] [250GB] [7200RPM] [SATA]
    Sound Card: [SupremeFX II]
    Optical: [Pioneer] [DVD-RW DL] [Black]
    CPU Cooling: [Intel] [Stock Cooler]
    GPU Cooling: [Gigabyte] [Stock Cooling]
    Case: [Thermaltake] [M9] [Black]
    Power Supply: [Coolermaster] [eXtreme Power] [650W]
    Monitor: [DiamondDigital] [19"] [LCD]
    Speakers #1: [Logitech] [R20] [2.1]
    Speakers #2: [Diamond Digital] [Intergrated] [2]
    Logitech Internet Keyboard * Needs Upgrade *
    Logitech USB Mouse * Needs Upgrade *
    Speed USB Webcam
    Elements 500GB External HDD

    Monitor and Speakers:

    M9 Case Front View:

    M9 Case Side View:

    Internal Hardware:
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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    Well this is my desktop PC, I'm not an enthusiast gamer, that explains why my GFX card is an ATi 2600XT and why i've a 24" monitor. I use it for work and sometimes for gaming, xD
    LOL dont look the mouse pad, a HDR image can make those dirty effects xD

    I really love that cooler, a Rosewill Z5. It's very cheap and great perfomance. A few weeks ago i was rendering a little scene in 3dsmax, about 1 minute. It tooks 11 hours to render with an average of 47

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    Re: [PC Gallery]

    My new PC!
    No liquid cooling because i was trying to save.
    Attached Images Attached Images