Who can help me make the right purchase/decision?

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    shout Who can help me make the right purchase/decision?

    Dear RageZone community,

    Apologies in advance for possibly posting in the wrong forum section.

    I would like to request feedback on the future type of template and/or other solution for a website re-design.

    The aim is to revive a current website that’s currently HTML based and hosted through a webhost.

    It is a website of a clan that was made years ago by someone else and is in need of some serious re-design.

    The owners are not looking for any functions in regards of user registration or forum intergration.
    I can survive on my own when it comes to basic coding, but would like the admin part to be user friendly as possible.

    Some functions they are looking for:

    • User friendly option(s) to add / modify additional web-pages within the browse menu. (Are wordpress premium templates a solution?)
    • User friendly option(s) to add news posts that would partially display on the homepage.
    • User friendly option(s) to modify several picures on the homepage with a slideshow effect or in MP4 format.

    A CMS template seems a bit overkill and Wordpress would require the use of a PHP database if I'm not mistaken, but currently seems like the best fit overall. What are your opinions?

    I'm a bit rusty when it comes to IT in 2023, so all feedback in regards of solutions and braindstorming is welcome in this case.

    Thank you in advance for reviewing this post, I am looking forward to your input!

    Kind regards,


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    WordPress is a good fit for your website redesign as it offers user-friendly options for adding/modifying web pages, news posts, and images. It has premium templates that support MP4 format videos and slideshow effects. Though it requires a PHP database, it's easy to use with online tutorials.
    WordPress can also be used as a platform to host a website where you can implement the video sales funnel strategy described in the guide. The website can include landing pages, blog posts, and other pages where you can promote and share your videos. Additionally, WordPress offers plugins to optimize the website for conversions and track your visitors' behavior, which can help analyze the performance of your video sales funnel. You can learn more about the topic here.

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    Using wordpress later you will get more help from the community.