Wireless (Gaming) Mouse

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    Wireless (Gaming) Mouse

    Wireless (Gaming) Mouse
    Oke so I'm getting annoyed w/ my current wired mouse and need suggestions on a good wireless mouse. Doesn't have to be a gaming mouse as I really just want a good wireless mouse. Suggestions?

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    Re: Wireless (Gaming) Mouse

    I'm pretty sure you know wired is better then wireless for gaming but i will skip that subject :) But looking around on linus techtips forum i found a couple for you. Please keep in mind i haven't tested these i'm just going off the best responses.

    Logitech G900
    CORSAIR Dark Core - RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse
    MX Master
    Logitech G700s
    G900 Chaos Spectrum

    Some Other Ones

    If i need to look for more just let me know :)

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    Re: Wireless (Gaming) Mouse

    1. Razer Mamba Chroma

    2. Razer Lancehead Ambidextrous Mouse

    3. Logitech G903

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    Re: Wireless (Gaming) Mouse


    I think you should prefer a wired mouse than a wireless because. A wired mouse is rough to use and it has a long life too. Wireless mouse does not have long life and it has more maintenance than a wired mouse. It is best to prefer a wired mouse for gaming especially.

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    Re: Wireless (Gaming) Mouse

    If you are getting annoyed with a wired mouse.. wait until you deal with the annoyances of a wireless mouse. I used to use wireless for a few years but got sick of it, between battery life, disconnects, potential lag induction (Fire up a microwave or your neighbors devices causing issues).. makes for a major headache. Same with a wireless headset w/ voice and many other things. I have switched back to wired and life is good again.

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