Music Lounge - Rules [Updated 19/12/15]

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    Music Lounge - Rules [Updated 19/12/15]

    Music Lounge - Rules [Updated 19/12/15]

    Please take into consideration the forum rules which also apply to this section. They can be found here!

    The rules below are specifically for this section so please read the following:

    Posting Threads - When posting a thread in any section, it must follow our guidelines. Please consider the following when attempting to post a thread:

    1. Include a warning in the title or at the top of the thread if it contains and adult content.
    2. You may not just post a video/song without explaining your feelings about it. By explaining feelings, we don't just mean, "I like this song." We mean, "I like this song because it feels 'summery.' It is up-tempo and has a catchy tune."
    3. Do not undo anything done by a mod.
    4. Unless you have proper ground to do so, do not question a mods decision.

    Repost Policy - Before posting something to the section, please ensure that the subject has not been recently posted already. Please consider the following before posting:

    1. We will keep it open if there are enough people who have not seen/heard it before.
    2. If the last time it was posted was more than 6 months ago, we will not close it.
    3. If there are too many people saying "REPOST!" then we will close it.

    Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning followed by an infraction. If you are unsure of something, please contact the section moderator or supervisor.


    Music Lounge Team.
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    re: Music Lounge - Rules [Updated 19/12/15]

    Everyone, please keep in mind rule number two: " 2. You may not just post a video/song without explaining your feelings about it."

    This is a crucial rule as I see a lot of people doing it. If you're going to post a video or a song, please explain it or share your feelings on it. If you don't post why you like it, why should we?!

    Thanks everyone.

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    re: Music Lounge - Rules [Updated 19/12/15]

    Just posting to reiterate the above comment guys. Please avoid just posting the song and nothing else.