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the only bad thing about offlevel is if you did not set it for let us say max duration is for 6-8 hours only it is good since many players nowadays have their work. So for 8 hours they can stay offlevel without having their computers open. But if you did not set the max duration, then you will have a ghost town server. This function is ok if your server is a non-rebirth one but for rebirth servers i think you don't need such.

When I make a server I think a lot about how I'm going to do it, the offlevel is key in the game but you must know how to do it, for example I always set it to last 6 hours only,
I wanted to make a kind of stamina for the offlevel, you have to recharge the offlevel either playing or being disconnected from the game, because if not it is easy to re-enter and leave it offlevel again and it is continuous for 12 hours.