[Discussion] Wipes,Fake Online,Corrupted topsites!

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    shout [Discussion] Wipes,Fake Online,Corrupted topsites!

    Hello. I maked some research on top servers in several topsites. I registered and played in top 10 servers of xtremetop100 and other topsites. So what i can say. Most of servers where are showing huge online are almost empty. I born in Lorencia and all what i see is 2-3 players offstore and most of them are GMs. Spots are free,post is dead,no one chatting. In some servers of top 5 are changed only news )) All other is same - same files,same config,same spots,same shops etc. Or there are servers who are wiping every month. They arent bad on configs,its interesting to play but.......! Every month new beggining. New rates,all what is changed are only added other news in game )) Or removed some item in lorencia shops. Are people so lame to invest their money in servers who are wiping out every month ? Paypal buyers politics offer refunds to get money back if they are scammed. And for me its 110% scam that you buy something ingame and after 3 weeks u wake up in other rate server or waiting for NEW BEGGINING. Is it really so profit to make wipes and scam people every month ? And topsites? Is there still left any topsite who dont sell votes? I guess,not. Every month same account ids - changing only server names and rates. Its sad

    P.s Sorry for my english!

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    This kind of servers which have, maybe, fake players or fake online counter for players are pretty much failed attempts to make a server by scammers and they have no players because everyone noticed that's a scam.
    There are many, I would say "kids", trying to make money without investing a single penny or investing time in their servers. It's extremely easy to make a server nowadays, so you can see if these servers are scams pretty much straight from the start.

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    In the other hand...if players see a new server with 20 users online, they think "oh no, there aren't much players online". And new servers hardly grow up.

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    I said this long time ago, those servers destroyed whole MU online, it was happening 3-5 years ago already, but now it's just getting worse... real Admins with real knowledge and resources are tired to make servers, because people just won't play, some are scared that it's a scam, and most players just go into new server over and over again because of "FLASHY" banners and 1000+ Online first day opening in 2 days servers bla bla bla, you name it...

    There is just few good mu online servers that we can still trust in, so it would be easier not to report the fake servers but to somehow promote the good servers, that are not wiped every 2-3 weeks after getting their money.

    Servers I recommend personaly: Arcana-Mu S2, MuBless, InfinityMu, OldSquadMu, BattleZone, EpicMu (I m not owner of these servers neither I provide them) it's just so people know really good places to play, also we should appreciate the hard work these admins put in their servers.

    Servers to avoid at all costs: StarredMu, GoblinMu, TopMu (every week they are opening "new server" with different rates) and of course GMO (money printing machine).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dode View Post
    Servers to avoid at all costs: StarredMu, GoblinMu, TopMu (every week they are opening "new server" with different rates) and of course GMO (money printing machine).
    StarredMU and GoblinMU are owned by the same people, they also have DiamondMU, MUOnlinePlay and probably some others that I have forgot already.
    That is their business model - launching a server every few weeks to run it for a few months until a new wipe, rinse and repeat. They keep copy pasting the same lies about changes and updates, yet there is nothing being updated and servers have issues that have been reported years ago.