webengine accidentally give for free!

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    webengine accidentally give for free!

    did WebEngine accidentally give for free the activator for all web template Ver.1.2.0 nav?

    if you notice they give the link to download the new ver of their WebEngine

    you can enable all of this for ver.1.2.0


    Top Resets
    Top Online
    Top Level
    Top Guilds
    Top Killer
    Top Grand Resets
    Top Votes
    Top Gens
    Top Master Level


    Total Accounts
    Total Characters
    Total Guilds
    Online Users

    if you lucky to find that file inside from there free share New WebEngine Files you are Lucky to activate the WebEngine version 1.2.0 template!

    me? i found it!

    i did not cheat!! just lucky to find it!

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    Re: webengine accidentally give for free!

    The WebEngine is open source as far as I know, not the templates.

    Their plugins and templates are not free. But, having an open source thing, you can do the scripting by yourself if you know some basic PHP OOP for those plugins.
    The web source code is pretty intuitive.

    Also, always credit them in the footer or wherever you want as being the developers. It's also a matter of respect for their work. ^^