[Help][IGC X6] Custom wings don't add stats after reset

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    config [Help][IGC X6] Custom wings don't add stats after reset


    And firstly let me apologize if this is a newbie question or already answered.
    I am not skilled in creating MU Online servers and the problem isn't of my own.

    My friend called me just because I'm really skilled at googlig stuff. One of his friends is running an S6E3 server and ran into this issue.
    He probably has very basic knowledge about creating custom items and has succeeded in creating custom wings, which add certain stats (and maybe some special effect?) and have a certain level requirement to equip.

    The problem happens upon reset, when the base level goes back to minimum, those (still equipped) wings do not add the configured stats/effects to the player.
    I'm sorry for not being able to give all information needed, but just in case - I have the server files folder with all the XML/INI/LUA configuration files, which I could provide.

    From what I gathered, there's also a client-side item config file, which I do not have handy but could request.

    I'll be glad for any type of help or even a pointer to where to look. I tried looking on the IGCN official forums/website but a lot of it is restricted even though I created an account, I probably would have to pay for the server software myself, I'm not really sure. The information is very scarce.

    Thanks in advance if you manage to gather some patience to answer my question.
    If not, have a good day nonetheless.

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    Re: [Help][IGC X6] Custom wings don't add stats after reset

    all you have to be sure is:

    1. there is no limits to adding more wings in client and server side for wings category.
    2. what you add in server side u add in client side (and restart GameServers and client to re-test)
    3. explain more about your custom wings